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Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

    Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

    Every year new phenomena appear. More recently, the term search engine optimization, better known as SEO, has been phased out. Now first of all, you might want to know what SEO is all about.

    SEO is primarily about editing and promoting your website so that it can rank higher and higher in search engines. And indeed, once you rank high in search engines, you will get more visitors to your website!

    Now the important question is why do you need SEO? Why is everyone talking about how important it is?

    I’ll make it easy for you by explaining why you need a simple SEO via example.

    Recently, South African television aired an advertisement for Yogi Soup, a very tasty yogurt-like milk drink.

    The ad begins with two people standing in a large crowd. They look for a group of their other friends, but now the question is how will they get their friends’ attention or find out where they are.

    A child looks up and holds the balloon object in the air with a video camera, taking pictures of the meeting and displaying them on the big screen. The boy took a sip of the yogi and you can see him making a plan.

    His ingenious idea is to stand out from the crowd. He tells his friend to carry it on his shoulders. Immediately the camera notices them, they literally stand out from the crowd, or instead jump over the crowd and hang their hands on the big screen of the TV.

    In the opposite direction from the crowd, his friends see him on television and immediately know where he is. They easily find their two friends (sitting on each other’s shoulders) in a large crowd.

    This is how search engine optimization works. The two men had to be found in the crowd. But with hundreds of thousands of people in the party, that turned out to be almost impossible.

    However, they came up with a plan and both men had to stand out from the crowd. He caught the attention of his friends and found them immediately.

    His website is currently one in millions. SEO is here to help you stand out from the crowd.

    When you use search engine optimization (SEO), you have a chance to rank higher in search engines.

    Let’s say you have a website for your Cape Town dog salon business. When someone goes to a search engine like Google, MSN, or Yahoo! And they type in the Cape Town dog parlor words and then they press and then you want your website to appear on the first two or three pages. Also and you are lost in the crowd!

    So simply put, using SEO, hiring an SEO consultant or company to customize your website will definitely help you attract more people. And the more people take notes and visit your website, the more likely they are to become users of your business.

    Is it a little clearer now why you need SEO? Come on, you have nothing to lose or remember, there is no one better than standing in the crowd!

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