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Top 10 Exciting Photo Editing Apps for Android

    With smartphones containing four or more rearview cameras and insanely increasing the number of megapixels. Smartphone photography has gained momentum in the past two years. Despite the advanced sensors, some images need post-processing. And this is where photo-editing apps come in handy. The default gallery app on most smartphones has basic photo editing features. However, if you want to tweak beyond the basics. You will need specialized apps to enhance your photos. Here are the Top 10 Exciting Photo Editing Apps for Android for you.

    There are so many options available. Here is a useful guide on how to choose the best photo editing apps you can find on the Google Play Store.

    Grainy Camera

    The Grainy Camera is an application that is a mix of camera and editing applications. As the name suggests, it basically offers different filters where you can see different effects of dust as well as light leaks. And wing headings and you can arrange the frames too. Now, if you are looking for a camera or editing application that will allow you to edit your photos in a retro style to match the movie. So that you can speak very easily. Then this application should be definitely checked out. It also has a really nice collection of different filters that you can see in the Filters section. And a lot of them have that cool, vintage vibe that old cameras borrowed from military films and beyond. This is a really cool application and of course, you have to use it as a camera. After taking the picture and click on the photos directly from the app, and then edit them in the lab. It’s really cool and it’s free.


    Vsco Cam

    It doesn’t matter how you say it, but basically, this application is especially popular. When it has been most powerful for your Instagram, bloggers, and influential people. Instagram is used for editing a collection of different images and filters and has different settings that allow you to define several parts of your symbol configuration such as clarity, blurring, and display. Splitting toning, adding grains, and adding different filters. And really cool creating is also an important part of this application. In addition to editing this application, it is now important for the vsco community to do photographers. Basically, everyone who is using these apps to upload various images has clicked in the vsco camera itself from the camera or it to an in vsco. Edited to some degree Great app and I think if your only purpose is to take pictures on your phone looking for Instagram to make them look aesthetic and incredibly moody.


    After Light

    It’s like a hybrid between the first two uses. So if you want to replace other granular effects as well as other filters and different parts of your images like brightness and good contrast. This is a great way to mix. In VSCO and earlier versions, the granular camera is after the light. Basically, it’s a very simple port welding application that allows you to add any of your pictures to the text as well as change the colors and light. Includes making various adjustments and adding various items. You can also save the frame of the app itself and the various filters in different resolutions. It’s all a great application. So be sure to try them out.



    It adjusts everything from brightness to saturation and shadow contrast to all the light elements present in your image. Including various selective textures such as clarity, granular film, Elektrox vintage, thunder black, and right head power. Has options. Portrait mode isolates all of these things from the background selection changes. Which it will likely take an R-time to define every point that you can expose with this app here on Snap and this is one of the most professional editing apps you will need. Try it for yourself and play around with it for amazing crazy results. So it’s free too.


    Adobe Lightroom

    I edit every single photo I take. Whether from my phone or my camera. Now I no longer have to introduce the light space to most of you, only you. It is important to have a basic overview so that the industry is at least editing images as far as the media industry is concerned in Lightroom. And it is very professional if you edit photos professionally there. Applications don’t offer everything from color grading to correcting your camera, depending on which camera you choose. Use the selected editing along with your favorite Lightroom presets by adding radial filters and selective filters.



    It’s not a photo editing tool like Photoshop or Snapseed. But it really gives you the ability to create an image from scratch. So you can actually choose the dimensions of the image. So if you want to create a thumbnail you can use YouTube. You can choose the size of the thumbnail and then start from there and then all you can do is add the images above. So that you can create really nice collages like this. If you want to send a banner you can also give invitations. If you really want to make a post on Instagram that is not a photo in which you just want to edit something then you can use Canova. And this is a really good tool for which there are some tools in Canoa. There are also images that can be edited. So you can keep the brightness and the display and everything like that not in-depth like Photoshop but its own separate power and that’s what I use all the time.



    The airbrush is something you want to see on it that it is definitely unique in the features. In that, it will not really be about changing colors or exposure or brightness like Photoshop. But will be an airbrush, as I guess. You can tell by that. Name, Airbrush is a tool app so if you want to edit pictures in magazines like they change the shape of someone’s face, change the color of the skin, make the eyes smaller, change the shape of someone’s face, then make someone bigger. A scale forehead can be found. It can be really amazing. I must tell you but it’s all in a very powerful app to think that. You can do it all on your smartphone so you can really change the way someone completely. Don’t seem to recognize it, it’s definitely a fun app. I’m sure it’s useful for a lot of people maybe not useful for others. But it’s free to consider I think it’s really powerful that you can completely change the way. You view someone on a smartphone.



    It will be very different from others. I would say that you can add a lot of themes to your pictures. Which can be something that you want to do with it. I think it is really nice to add text. And you can write that too. If you just want to create a different kind of image. You can write things on a picture like a trail, like a star trail and it really looks a bit different. I think it’s mostly on the drawing aspects. You are focused. Really can just start drawing a completely new icon. So you don’t have to upload any image. So I guess the name is itself Pixar gives this app the layout that this app has Focused on Pixar. It’s much easier to change an image than if you want to upload an image and you really want to fix it. Maybe it’s too bright or too dark and you really want to fix what you want to see in Snapseed and Photoshop is about adding things to this image so that themes and text and different types of drawings and stacks with RSS that you can use here There are also a lot of creative tools that are really focused on what it is, so it will be worthwhile to see if you want to create some different images.


    SK rwt

    Now the SKRWT editing app is a completely different app that doesn’t mean to change the color or get some effects or light effects or something but this app is specifically in the context of changing the perspective. So now the point of the look cannot be changed. I’m wrong you have other applications where you can play with a context. Where you can correct the perspective but with this application, you get a lot of mobile wide fissure GoPro options. So you have all these different. There are types of presets you don’t have. The software basically gives you a lot of flexibility. This allows you to create a wide variety of wide-angle images that you want to become the GoPro. And you can create a lot of things in SKWT. This app works a lot of times when I want to basically try to fix the glitch or do something that is creative.


    Fotor Photo Editor

    Now Fotos is basically once again an image editing software. You get all the sliders that exist but you also get noise reduction. If you have color noise then if you have something high. Which the reason is a high ISO and that’s why you have it. The noise that you can reuse has all the crawl layers that you have found in other software. They are all there for you to play with. All options are available and you can change them to play with you. With the blur, you can also handle the preset if you want and all the other software is not exactly the same as it is very similar to other software but you get different scenes to reduce the volume. So yes the photo is a good request and I suggest you try it.


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