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Top 10 Exciting Apps for Android Phones

    Android apps are more powerful in 2020 as they take benefit of the new hardware we see in modern heart phones. Some of the best apps are free to use, while others allow making an account to unlock premium original content. Here you find Top 10 the best Android apps for each category.


    Access Dots

    Did you know that a third-party app that gives access to your phone’s camera or microphone can always use it in the background to save you from all of these problems? Points found that this android app basically does it. I’ve been using this app in the function of Android devices for a few days and boys since iOS 14 and I love this app for its functionality when a third party app is using the camera. You can see this green dot and the microphone and also see this orange dot in the corner of the screen. You can also customize the color and size of the point in the app to your liking. Is it a very useful app for an Android smartphone to access all the background of the xs dots?



    Mi Control Center

    The Mi Control Center is a new app that lets you separate Quick Settings from your notifications. So that you can read your notifications when you swipe down from the left side and down from the right side of the status bar. If so, you will receive your settings. This android app works very well in terms of functionality. And there is no prejudice or hesitation. I have to say that this app almost made it clear to you that you are using the local control center in the app.

    You can fully customize the layout colors. There are several options such as B. the use of mobile data in the control center. Another feature that I like about this app is you. Based on the music that is currently playing. There are vivid colors that look terrible up to you. It also activates a trigger so you don’t have to swipe up and down to get to Control Center. You also have that quick toggle gesture that lets you swipe to the edge between notification pages. Can switch the Ting side very easily.



    Live Drops

    Live Drops Straight Drops is a new live wallpaper app that lets you see a lot of cool and amazing looking live wallpapers. The collection of live wallpapers in this app is very good and they are of very good quality too. In the app, you have the newest page that shows you the latest live wallpapers. Some of these look nice, so you have categories that you can go through different live wallpapers depending on the category in the app. These are superheroes, minimal anime, dragon balls, AMOLED, and a lot more. You can preview all live wallpapers and apply the wallpaper yourself before applying.




    We have featured a duplicate app in March, now called Reface, which is now a face-changing video app. So you have videos and gifs in the app and you can record all of your selfie need and choose one of those videos. This takes about 30 to 40 seconds and you will see your face as the main character in the video as the face change works exceptionally well. Believe me, you will be amazed at this result. And people have been using this android app for a while. With months and now videos, it’s even better than you can easily share your videos or chips with your friends from the app with your videos. And yet, you can come across a limited number of encounters in a day. This is an amazing app that I suggest you try out and send your friends some fun and cool looking videos.




    Dashlan is a password manager that can secure and manage your passwords and wallets with the help of your fingerprint or PIN. And the app is highly secure and allows you to fully access your data using the app. Is confidential and you can manually withdraw the password in the app itself. Whenever you are on the login page of any website you will see a bubble of this dash lane. And from here you can add your account. Are already stored in your password, such as Google. With Dash Lane for Chrome, they automatically retrieve your passwords and financial information. So you don’t have to waste time filling out forms and resetting passwords. And it works on all devices anywhere. So make your life easier and try Dashlane.




    Panels is a customizable app that adds. This customizable multi-tasking sidebar to your phone. This is basically a launcher on the edge of your screen and allows you to add your favorite application shortcuts links. And even You can also access the app drawer. Once you enable it, you can choose the apps you like on the side panel and you can select the number of icons you like and customize the site panel and You get access whenever you swipe to the edge of the screen. In addition to your favorite apps in this panel, this app also offers a lot of customizations and you can see the widget links in the panel as a whole and even the system settings perform very well and I find it really helpful.



    Material Launcher

    Material Launcher is a simple, lightweight, and fast launcher for your android phone. The material design of this launcher looks good. And besides, you have instant access to the app drawer as well as Google feeds. This launcher is customizable and basically, you have these nine on your homepage You cannot add more than nine icons to the homepage in the boxes and here you can change the color or rearrange them to your liking.



    Notification History


    I’m sure you’ve tried different apps for notification history. But this new information history app is really easy to use. So the app automatically saves your notifications on your phone and whenever you want in this app. You can select this app. For those of you who want to save history or block this app for which you don’t want to see notifications. This is a simple then very useful app and I basically use this app WhatsApp messages if I accidentally delete notifications or delete them.




    Nyx is a music player app that offers a cool music player for your android phone. The app comes with a lot of features and provides a lot of customization options, so first, you have to rate Includes artist, genre, album, etc. The app downloads the album artwork that is playing with your music. When you listen to the music below this cool-sounding animation, you can also customize your app. You can also change the color tone. Choose between light or dark theme. This music player also has an inbuilt equalizer and you can use it to your liking or choose to set something from here. There are also unique features like a 3D sound volume booster and here You can also get a gold timer. Choose multiple tracks or minutes as your sleep timer.



    Ios 14 Inspired Widgets

    ios 14 Multi-style widgets. If you are familiar with the latest iOS 14 widgets and they are familiar with you. Then you have the weather, calendar, and music widget. They all work and look great on the phone screen, for both light and dark themes. Widgets are available. Overall if you want to give your android home screen and you see it then definitely try these widgets.



    Shortcut Maker

    Shortcut makers can create shortcuts for various features and options on your home screen. In addition to your regular app shortcuts. You can create a shortcut to system settings right on your home screen. And I find this feature really helpful. For example, I use display settings a lot and now I just need to have a shortcut here and whenever. If I want to change the display setting. I can quickly access this shortcut. This app is really good in terms of overall functionality. And by looking at the options you basically create a shortcut on your home screen can.



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