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Top 10 Exciting Movies Apps for Android Phones

    There are thousands of flicks and television shows that you simply can find online, but most of them will offer you fake links, fake ads, and even important subscriptions. therefore the smartest thing is that you just can download free movie apps where you’ll take all of your favorite movies anywhere.

    Here is the list of top 10 movie apps for Android Phones


    Free HD Movies 2020

    Once we get here, you don’t need to click the back button and find out the movie you want to watch right now. For example, in 2020, these are the 2020 movie that Got from this movie app. It’s cool so let me play one of them. For example, I’m going to try comedy and it’s a collection of comedy movie in this app. Even when I click the play button, I play it. I will do it. I will hit the download button at my company to play this movie. Here and I can check the resolution of this movie and it is working great.

    HD Movies

    Let me see it and we can go here. We found the movie Melan here in the app that comes to me at the cinema. Let me play this movie while I search for my favorite Deadpool movie. They are This app also has a no download button. So we got the resolution settings. When I do this, I will select it. It also works great for watching movies at your company.

    Ozone Movie 2020

    I watch more movie on this app than on Amazon Prime / Video or any movie app. It works best for me to download a movie of interest and then watch it without ads, buffering, without interruption and download the free movies (unless I decide to stop the movie for any reason).


    Cat mouse to watch free full HD movies online on this HD Movie Hub app. Latest Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Animated Movies, South Indian Movie Free. Find the latest movie releases for free on this app. Get the latest cartoon HD movies on this great movie app. Play free full movies on this movie app. Watch the trailer online on this app.

    Chipza Movies

    This app is the best app because the movie which is available in this app is not available on YouTube only on Netflix. On Netflix, we need to pay money to see the movie but here we don’t need to pay any money free.

    123Movies 2020

    Watch your favorite movies and TV series in HD quality with the ‘123Movies 2020’ android application. And enjoy the latest movie news, reviews, upcoming movie trailers, and schedules. Movie odd, genre, TOP lists, random movie selector, and many more features.

    Play HD Movies

    Play HD Movies TV Shows 2020 app has everything. It has every movie from the last days till today. It surpassed your expectations. It has no bugs, it runs smoothly, and download free movies. It has the latest movie, and much more. It’s one of the best movie apps you’ve ever downloaded.

    Movies Fad

    The app is brilliant to keep track of your movie. The ads are reasonable and don’t stop you from using the app. I think it would be great if the movies that people watched more. Then once were separated in the statistics. Currently, if I watched a given movie twice, it increases the number of watched movies. It would be great if they were a separate thing. The number of watched movies and the number of watched movies including doubles etc.


    Movie Base is a very powerful discovery and tracking app for movie, series, seasons, installments, and the largest community database TMDB actors. The movie and TV episodes I’ve watched have to be categorized, scripted, and it tells me. Which show is running in which another season is coming up. It’s also great for finding out what’s next. The app is free with the option to go premium. I appreciate that it’s functional and not annoying when you’re not in the premium.

    New Cinema

    This new cinema app is the fastest, easiest way to find and discover TV shows, box office movie on your device. Find all kinds of movie box categories here: Action, Adventure, Horror, Crime, Romance, Humor, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Musical, War, Science Fiction, and more. You can also sort your movie list by popular movie, top-rated movie, movie box theaters, and more.


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