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The Top Facebook Widgets for Bloggers

    The Top Facebook Widgets for Bloggers

    Are you looking for a Facebook widgets for bloggers? It’s easier than you think to integrate Facebook into your blog or website. Just make sure that you have the latest version of WordPress installed before you begin. Also, be sure that your settings are set up exactly the way that Facebook wants them.


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    This article will introduce you to the Facebook widgets for bloggers and the Facebook feed plugin that it uses to provide your blog or website with Facebook-style updates. Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the biggest social networking sites with over 1 billion active monthly users and growing bigger each day! Be sure to utilize these resources to integrate Facebook into your site or blog. With the massive Facebook community, you can use these useful tools to easily display certain profile information, blogs, websites, etc.


    Facebook Widgets Fan Pages

    One of the most popular plugins for Facebook Widgets for WordPress is fan pages. This widget provides you with a place to manage and follow us pages from all around the web. If you haven’t already created a fan page for your business, blog, or another website, then this is an easy way to get in on the action.


    Facebook-Like Box Widget

    Another great Facebook widgets for bloggers that you’ll find useful is the floating Facebook-like box widget. You can display a large version of your Facebook home page as a popup window with this widget. This gadget also allows you to conveniently access and leave comments on your friends’ Facebook pages. This widget makes it easy to interact with your friends and fans daily. For a lot of people, this is one of the best widgets out there!


    Profile Badge on Your Sidebar

    Of course, many of us have our individual Facebook accounts. If you’re the type of person who enjoys communicating with your friends using a customized version of your page, then you’ll want to add a profile badge to your sidebar area. A profile badge is a small piece of graphic content that appears on your sidebar when you open up your profile. These widgets provide you with a quick way to display a custom profile badge on your sidebar. It’s a great way to customize your Facebook experience and get the attention you deserve!


    Like Box Widget

    Yet another popular Facebook widgets for bloggers is a like box widget. The same box acts just like a traditional “like” button found on most websites. This widget makes it easy to share anything you like on Facebook – even your favorite songs or bookmarks! With this widget, you can add a graphic image or logo, along with a caption or some text.


    Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

    Another plugin that I’m fond of is plugins such as the Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin. With this plugin, you can customize your blogger feed according to whatever theme you choose. This plugin makes it very easy to display any RSS feed on your sidebar. In addition, it includes a widget for the Facebook news feed, so you can keep up with what’s happening around Facebook while at the same time keeping an eye on the latest Internet fads.


    Facebook Fan Box widget

    A third widget that I find useful is the Facebook Fan Box widget. It displays a box on your blog visitors’ right-hand side to Like, Share, or Friend anything posted on your blog. It makes it very easy for blog visitors to see what’s important to them. These are just three of the many Facebook widgets available for bloggers, but there are thousands of different widgets that can greatly enhance your experience while using WordPress.

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