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How to Change Blog Name on Blogger

    How to Change Blog Name on Blogger

    How to change blog name on blogger is probably one of the more asked question blogs. It’s not just a question of personal choice. There are many reasons for people wanting to change the name on their blogs. Some changes could be due to personal reasons, but some could be due to legal issues. Whatever the reason may be, changing your name is easier than you think.


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    If you want to know how to change the blog name on blogger, you will have to do a little research. Do you want to change the name on your blog, or would you like to have someone else do it for you? In the past, bloggers had to use their actual words, and sometimes that wasn’t allowed on the blog. You might have to pay an administrator to change your name.



    If you plan on changing your name, do some research first. You will want to find out how to do this on Google or yahoo. Look at the title and see what comes up. What does the name mean? Are there any trademark names that you would want to trademark? Are there other ways to promote your blog without mentioning your name?



    Once you find out how to change the blog name on blogger, you need to figure out how to do it. Some may prefer to have someone else do this, while others will do it themselves. Some might even hire a freelancer to change their name. You will have to consider how much you want your name changed.



    Most bloggers get to the point where they change their name and don’t log back on. Some bloggers seem to be stuck in a rut and refuse even to change their terms. You can’t blame them for this, and it isn’t easy. If you find yourself in this type of situation, what can you do? Here are some suggestions.



    First, if you haven’t already, create an account with WordPress. This will allow you to update your titles, make new posts and enter and upload files. With your new account, you can then go back and change blog names whenever you want.



    Second, set up an account with a blogger using your real name. You will also have to create a “log in name” so that other people can log into your blog. The login name is the name you use when making posts, adding content, etc. It is up to you to use something memorable to find you easily to visitors to your site. Just make sure that it closely reflects your actual name, and you’ll be set.



    Last, one of the easiest ways to change blog names is to buy a domain name. You can buy,, or name for your blog. You can also purchase a name for your website at a reasonable price. Make sure that you don’t end up buying a name that is hard to spell or a name that sounds like another business. Once you’ve decided on a name for your site, it’s easy to change it.



    To change your name, log into your account and click on your name. There you will see your old name along with a new name. Make sure you write down the new name as you type it in. Your name will appear again under the profile section on your Blogger home page. If you don’t see it there, search under the name you want.



    Hopefully, these tips on how to change blog name on blogger will help you when you’re faced with the prospect of a new name for your blog. Changing your name is often a time-consuming process but well worth it when you get your desired results. Soon, you will see changes in traffic to your blog as users try to remember your new identity.



    If you want more information on changing the blogger’s blog name, visit the link below. This article was designed to provide helpful tips to make name changes easier. For other tips on changing the blog name, log onto the blog and follow the provided instructions. You might even find a few more tips that make life easier for you. Enjoy your blogging journey!

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