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Alpha Skin Care Dual Action Skin Lightener

    Alpha Skin Care Dual Action Skin Lightener

    Alpha Skin Care Dual Action Skin Lightener, The Alpha Skin Care Dual Action Cream Lightener is a multipurpose anti-ageing formula with the same effective ingredients. As Alpha Hydrox Spot Light Targeted Skin lightener. It contains 2% hydroquinone, a vital component for fading dark spots and wrinkles, and 10% glycolic acid to exfoliate and reduce lines. It is straightforward to apply to all facial and body hair types and is a great affordable option for targeting brown spots.


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    Alpha Skin Care was originally called Alpha Hydrox Skincare but changed the name to make the product more distinctive. The formula still contains glycolic acid, an acid with a hydroxyl group on the carbon immediately adjacent to its oxygen atom. This acid is obtained naturally from fruit, such as pineapple, cantaloupe, and unripe grapes. It has a pH level of 3.5 and is free of parabens. The company claims that this cream is effective for both lightening and whitening.


    Alpha Skin Care has also formulated facial cleansers, toners, and serums that will improve the appearance of dark spots while improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines. The brand also sells body products, including lotions and body scrubs. The names of these products can make it hard to differentiate one from the other. For example, the Renewal Body Lotion is an excellent option for dry, flaky skin. The 12% glycolic acid in this product reduces the signs of ageing and gives skin a soft and smooth feel.


    If you’re looking for an alpha hydroxy acid brand that’s free of animal testing, you might want to consider Neoteric Cosmetics, Alpha Skin Care, and Formulyst. These are all cruelty-free brands that contain vitamin C and peptides. These are all great brands that have excellent customer reviews. Try them today and see what you think! For Best Results

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