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Wix Vs. Blogger – Is There Really Any Difference?

    Wix Vs. Blogger - Is There Really Any Difference

    Wix vs. Blogger is a battle that is not won because both sites are excellent. They are similar in many ways. One of the things that makes Wix different from Blogger is that it does not have a blog. That is why it is different.


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    Tools For Building Websites

    Both Wix vs. Blogger are sites that offer the same tools for building websites. They are both good at that, but Wix is a little bit easier to use. Wix has just been a little bit quicker than Blogger when it comes to building pages. Wix also offers different building tools and themes. There are even more differences between Wix vs. Blogger.


    Build A Site Easily and Very Quickly

    Wix vs. Blogger has more similarities than differences. They both allow you to build a site very easily and very quickly. The only real difference is that Wix allows you to customize your blog. It is more like a website than a blog, but it is a website nonetheless. You can add a domain name, a home page, and many more features to your blog.


    Blogger Is Easier Than Wix

    Blogger is a bit easier to use than Wix when it comes to adding new pages. With Blogger, you have many different tools built-in. You can build a site with all sorts of different templates, and you can change the appearance anytime you want. You do not have to come up with different designs yourself. If you do not like the way something looks, you can change it right then and there.


    Dreamweaver for Wix

    But what makes Wix different? Wix was more difficult to work with in the past, and it took longer to build than with Blogger. Most bloggers used Dreamweaver, which is a plug-in for Dreamweaver that makes things much more manageable. Dreamweaver pages are built in a way that makes them look almost exactly like they are “click away.” There is no need to learn any different programming code for the pages. This has always been my favorite aspect of Wix when it comes to site builders.


    Add A Domain Name

    Nowadays, with the different site builders like Wix or Blogger, you have the option to add a domain name. If you have a unique name or are hard to spell, this is something to consider. Some people will create two separate blogs and have each domain name for each. This will make their site appear more professional and will be easier to remember.


    Design Of the Pages

    Depending on your specific needs, it may be Wix vs. Blogger. As far as the actual design of the pages is concerned, both are very attractive. Blogger’s interface is cleaner and easier to use, and Wix looks almost like a professional website. But most bloggers do tend to favor Wix at times because of the look of the software.



    In terms of functionality, Blogger still wins in the “old-fashion” contest. You can make posts, publish them on your blog, and search for other blogs. You can even ping other blogs and use RSS feeds. The Wix site does have some neat features, like seeing the latest posts on Twitter in the sidebar.


    Blogger and Wix Lots of Features

    One big thing to keep in mind is that both sites will give you lots of options. They are both helpful in creating blogs. Blogger offers lots of features that make it easy to create a great-looking site. You can change the layout, add new widgets, and even insert your pictures with a few clicks. With Wix, the options are not quite as neat, but it still allows you to get creative. Just be sure to look out for popups and spyware, which can cause damage to your computer if you allow too much exposure.


    Comparison Between Wix Vs. Blogger

    The final comparison between Wix vs. Blogger is pretty straightforward. Wix has most of the same functionality as Blogger. It’s just that they are not free. Almost anyone would prefer to have access to a free blogging site that allows them a lot more flexibility than one that costs hundreds of dollars per year.



    Both of these websites are very useful for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. They are both stable and reliable and offer lots of options. While the layout of each may differ slightly, the functionality should also be the same. If you want to blog, you should look at Wix vs. Blogger and consider your own choices.


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