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Top 10 Exciting Messaging Apps For Android Phones

    Here are the top 10 messaging apps for your Android to replace your stock SMS app. So that I don’t repeat them. All these apps have your standard multimedia support. This sends photos, videos, audio locations. And not limited to receiving and archiving ability or even deleting conversations and block numbers. Last but not least, there is an option in a night mode to delay sending messages for a few seconds and delay sending scheduled messages.

    Pulse SMS

    When you first open it you will see how easy and clean it looks. In my opinion, it is the best-looking messenger on this list and it also comes with some solid features. Which makes it I support basic Doing SIM development. Which allows you to communicate. Snooze and restore notifications for the scheduled time and automatic message backup. That you can send text messages from any platform. Including your PC Mac Linux TV tablet.

    Textra SMS

    It comes with a simple materialistic UI with subtle animations and no crazy features that I can appreciate. As it makes the app easy to navigate and smooth and faster with some essentials. You also have a quick reply window from which you can partially copy the text. With any bubble and it is compatible with Push Built Power Text Android Wear and Android Auto as I said. It is very customizable before you change the color bubble style, emojis. In which android Blues includes iOS and more and you can change the text font and size.

    It can really tell that the developers have put a lot of thought into this app. As there are many features that make this messaging app even better. Like swiping right on a conversation to delete it or to call them. Make it easier to view older texts and more. After all, Textra is a solid messaging that doesn’t have tons of features but the things it does are amazing.

    Yaata SMS

    Yaata is one of the most prominent deal messaging on this list and that is why it makes this app competitive. Some features include snooze messages that change the shape of the app to a certain extent which aggregates. The theme has a colorful font contact image and three more quick response styles including a chat with a popup window and a simple dialogue and when you delete something in the text editor. Automatically reply to your messages Readout automatically reply to your messages.

    So that your messages are automatically forwarded to individual settings for contacts more and I’ve left out a lot of features but this is the key. There are things you should know about the overall design. The developer has done an impressive job of keeping all the features organized and still giving us a material look as a whole, which is the best messaging app for these people. Want every possible feature you can think of and this is also for those who want to customize every little detail.

    Mood Messenger

    Mood Messenger is another great messaging app that has its own unique shape and front page features. That list your chats and if you swipe to the left. You’ll be able to quickly find a message. You have all the links with many customizations including many animated themes. Quickly compose chat head animated emojis for quick replies that insert permanent notifications in the status bar. So you can instantly message any of your favorite contacts and if your friend already has the app you can send them.

    You can message without using SMS. So these are all great features. We’ve seen this before but some of these unique features include party mode which prevents you from sending unwanted messages unless you want to pass a small test if you are drunk and you send them a message Can also send You will find nowhere else with YouTube video sites around you like a bunch of stuff like restaurant concert movie weather information and some unique features on some great messaging app.


    Android Messages Although it lacks many of the features that all other messengers have and has no customization except for the option to change the color of the contact icon, it is still one of the most popular messaging apps on the Play Store. That’s because Google has created a clean and simple interface that most other apps apply, and I like the layout used to send emojis stickers, including location and audio, even Google There is a unique feature of sending and requesting money using the if you finally create a secure backup of Android messages. Don’t like any of the other options.


    We’re making texting magical again. QKSMS is the most beautiful messaging experience you have ever used. Change your stock messaging app and fall in love with texting again. QSMS is a completely ad-free and open source, just the way your messaging app should be. Dual SIM and multi-SIM phones are now fully supported by KSMS. A beautiful, intuitive, and clutter-free design that allows you to focus on the important things. Use one of the millions of colors to theme an entire app, or a particular conversation. Each contact notification allows you to easily distinguish between your preferences and your messages. Manual and automatic night mode is also great.

    Chomp SMS

    Chomp comes with a bunch of great features, most notably a passcode lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS senders (reminders, happy birthday, quick reply popups (even on the lock screen), multi-select Image gallery, dual SIM, enhanced MMS, and group messaging and much more. Also, when receiving messages, unlimited customization options: change notification LED colors, ringtones, and vibration patterns. You can also customize the screen color, font style, text size, and background wallpaper.

    Handcent Next SMS

    The best alternative Android text messaging app for your stock SMS text messenger app. The best messenger app with free text messages and message stickers. The handset is not only the pioneer of SMS messenger and texting app but also the message customer in the SMS messaging app. Getting free texting and messaging experience is our top priority. Turn good topics into our free and easy texting and messaging app. This is the best messaging author that allows you to personalize text messages (free MMS), message fonts, stickers, colors, ringtones, LED colors, vibration patterns, etc. Instant reply text messages within a popup window. Receive and reply to messages on your Android-based smartwatches with features like voice text, etc.

    GO SMS Pro

    GO SMS Pro is one of these apps. This app works like messenger and users can send free messages to their friends and family from anywhere. This app is available for smartphone and tablet users and they can get it from the Play Store and App Store. GO SMS Pro is a communication app that allows users to send unlimited messages for free. With the private box feature, users can encrypt messages and protect their privacy. This app gives you lots of funny and crazy stickers to send to your friends. GO SMS Pro provides a number of themes that will change the entire interface of the app. It has a simple interface so that users can easily understand it. The popup feature is useful because users can quickly view and reply to messages.

    Smart Messages

    Smart Messages is the best SMS, MMS replacement texting app for your phone, featuring the most advanced and rich chat for a beautiful and fast texting experience with your friends. It packs an advanced delivery and read receipt feature for SMS / MMS that works like the popular instant messaging app but without creating an account. It also has fast and accurate typing hints that show you when your friends are texting you. Smart Messages has a great user interface based on modern material design principles and offers you the most complete set of features you’ll like: Read Receipts and Typing Indicators (RCS Features to Use Only Smart Messages) (Available for people), group chats, quick replies, identifying intelligent emotions in your text messages, videos, photos, emoji predictions based on easy sharing of your geographic location; alerting friends and family anytime Will not be the same!


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