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SUNGLASSES: Choose for yourself


    Nowadays wearing sunglasses has become a fashion. From children to adults, everybody loves to wear sunglasses. They are also good for your eyes because sunglasses provide protection to the eyes from different types of radiation and other hazards. Sunglasses are available in different shapes and shades. People choose sunglasses according to their choice.

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    Sunglasses are available in different sizes, varying from small to large. There are different brands of sunglasses. Quality varies from brand to brand. Wearing a branded sunglass is a symbol of high status.


    These are sunglasses that are used in our daily life. These are usually worn for fashion purposes. You can wear these at different functions or while driving home from work to provide shades to the eyes. They are available in many shapes. They are not designed for high-intensity activities.


    The type of sunglasses that are made for high-level intensity activities. As indicated by the name they are used by climbers or hikers to protect their eyes from the intense light at high altitudes. They are available with a wrap-around feature to completely block the light from entering from the sides.


    These are special types of sunglasses made for sports activities. That is used in running, swimming, hiking, and biking to have clear visibility. They are worn by different sports players like cricketers, running athletes, swimmers, hikers, bikes, cars, and by-cycle racing athletes. There are light weighted and available in different shades. They contain a grippy pad feature that helps in keeping the frames in place while sweating. Sunglasses are available in interchangeable lenses so that you can make adjustments according to sunlight conditions.


    There are different sunglasses available for different face structures. You can choose sunglasses according to your face structure.

    • Oval faces: People with oval-shaped face structures are lucky because they can choose any type of sunglasses. As their face structure is proportional any shape of sunglass can easily fit on their faces. Look for different designs like square, circular, rectangular, wayfarer, etc as they can fit on your face in the best ways. 
    • Square faces: People with square-shaped faces have a prominent jawline and wider forehead. They can select curved, thin, and circular shape sunglasses. Classis cat eye frames and rimless frames can also fit on their faces.
    • Round faces: People with round faces have curved lines, no angles, and no proportionality in length and width of the face. Usually, rectangular shape frames are the best option for them as they elongate your face adding balance to the round features of the face.
    • Diamond-shaped faces: People with diamond-shaped faces have narrow jaw lines and foreheads. People with this shape have full cheeks. Rimless, oval, and cat shape designs are most preferable for these people.

    Heart-shaped faces: People with this kind of face have usually sharp jawlines, high cheekbones, and a long chin. Look for frames that are slightly wider than your forehead. Oval and round-shaped sunglasses are best suitable for them.

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