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Successful Ezine Article Advertising Techniques

    Successful Ezine Article Advertising Techniques

    Ezine Article Advertising Techniques is a very effective tool if done right. One of the most important benefits of e-zines is the target group of people they refer to. Of course, some rules must be followed to be successful in electronic advertising.


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    1. Write Benefits Not Features

    It might sound cynical, but most people are selfish. They don’t care about your business or your background, but they do care about the profits they make. So instead of saying that Software A contains these features, try to specify that it will save you time and money in the exact amount. Be as specific as possible.

    2. Choose Very Careful the Ezines You Advertise

    An ezine with 150,000 subscribers might sound tempting, but you have to ask yourself: how did the publisher get those subscribers? Have you purchased the list, used FFA, or used similar methods? Does the publisher use contests to entice their subscribers to visit your site? If a subscriber visits your site because they are hoping to get something, what is the value of that subscriber to your business? Zero if you ask me.

    3. Double opt-in Much Better Than Single opt-in

    Yes, if you find an Ezine Article Advertising Techniques that are building the subscriber base with a dual subscription method, you can have a gold mine here. A dual subscription ezine with 2,500 subscribers is more valuable than a single subscription ezine with a base of 10,000 subscribers. With the double opt-in, you can be sure that you won’t receive spam complaints and that the value of leads is much higher.

    4. Run You Ads More Than Once

    This is important because potential customers need to see more than once to get your point across. One thing you can do is run your ad 2-3 times, and if the first one fails, you can edit your copy.

    5. The Headline is All The Money

    People have their mailboxes full of emails and spam these days. Obviously, they don’t have time to read all the emails they receive. Therefore, the selection process begins with the titles. It’s that simple, if your title sucks, all your efforts will be in vain. They will just ignore the whole message.

    6. Call to Action Create Urgency Sense

    It is a copyright rule that you must follow. You have to use the time pressure technique to get readers to act now. You can use the discount offers for a limited time. This way you get the reader to visit your website which is your first goal.

    7. Track Your Ads

    Do not underestimate this factor. If you are starting to make sales, how will you know which ezines are producing the results? You can’t miss this. With so many tracking software and services, there’s no excuse for risking your ad budget with guesswork.

    8. Focus on Top-Sponsor and Solo ads

    These are the most effective. Ads from major sponsors are at the top of the article and this is the first post the reader sees. One-to-one ads are very effective because only the reader sees your post and nothing else follows your attention. Forget about the classifieds, even if they are cheaper. When reading a newsletter, do you focus on the content or the 15-20 ads displayed?

    Finally, as a recommendation, you can start searching for effective ezines on It is the ultimate resource for e-zine tracking and targeted advertising.

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