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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Exciting Review

    The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the largest and most powerful phone from Samsung to date. Its aura colors almost symbolically reflect the luxury of a smartphone from bottom to top. The 6.8-inch portable display fits perfectly with the S Pen and an extra-large battery.

    Sure, it’s neither technically the fastest nor the best camera phone. But it’s the greatest pleasure we tested the phone in 2019 thanks to our five cameras and smart photo filters. This is a must-have for any affiliate promoting a program.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been known as a work device. Since the first Galaxy Note in 2011, Samsung has thought about what our smartphones should do, not to mention the size of our capabilities. ۔

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t reinstall anything we saw on previous notes. Rather, like the Galaxy Note 9, it repeats itself in many departments to make it feel better or worse and more modern.

    Once you look beyond the eye candy, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (starting at $ 1,099 / $ 9,999) is sure to be one of the best Android phones out there.

    It brings new features to the S Pen, including strong performance, including air gauges – and high average battery life. I also like the fast loading and support level video effects. The cameras can be better, however.


    The Galaxy Note 10+ is a great phone. The 6.8-inch display maybe just a millimeter longer and wider than the Galaxy Note 9 while gaming, but it’s not designed for one-handed use.

    Far from it, in fact. With barely a bezel, the screen stretches over almost every corner of the device, so the user interface elements at the top of the display cannot be reached with one hand.

    Samsung has also removed the headphone jack, which seems more inevitable than controversial at the moment. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus can also pack a larger battery. The good news is that Samsung bundles AKG headphones with USB-C in this box.


    The body of the Note 10 Plus is box-shaped, as is tradition with Note devices. This year the phone feels like a boxer too, but I’m ready to like it. Note 9 felt like it wanted to be a box, but it still added a curve to the corners. Although not as vigilant as the Roger iPhone 2 or the older Sony Xperia, the angular design with the curved sides sits comfortably in the hand.

    There is also a low button on this year’s piano rolls. The on/off switch is now on the left as it is paired with the very rude Boxy button. This is a good move.

    Bixby is just a mediocre voice assistant and is getting used to the movement of the power button. But you will be more aware of this new “Everything” button and if you accidentally press it you will think the volume is small.

    The back of the phone looks beautiful, with a vertical triple camera system in the lower left. With the exception of two flash LEDs and a depth camera, the back of the phone is perfectly clean. On my Ori Glow model, the phone turns off the lights for amazing colors.

    The Galaxy S10 Prism has evolved from white to blue to red, but the Aurora Glow Note 10 Plus can switch to any color of the rainbow. It’s the weakest phone I’ve ever seen and, once again, Samsung has been a major marketing point for the device.


    The Note 10+ has an amazing 6.8-inch AMOLED display. Samsung’s flagship phones are nothing more than expected. Like the Galaxy S10, the Note 10+ display has the right components: clear but realistic colors, deep blacks, and even ambient light.

    Brightness level even in the hardest place. As mentioned earlier, this is by far the largest screen on any flagship Galaxy. You can check out the latest episode of your favorite show on Netflix, surf the web, and share it with your friends. Playing PUBG is more interesting.

    Prior to its announcement, rumors circulated that the Galaxy Note 10 would be 90Hz, but it is not. We’ve seen the OnePlus and Asus devices with higher refresh rates this year. But the Samsung Note 10 series is stuck at 60Hz. High update rates would be nice.

    But since most apps don’t support high rates yet. It won’t break the contract for me personally. 90Hz isn’t very popular in the market just yet, and with the Note 10 Plus, the features seem to be tailored to the needs of the broader consumer, not the consumer.

     S Pen

    The S Pen learned some new tricks with the Galaxy Note 10, but I have yet to sell how useful they are. The text-to-text function replaces your sketches and imports them, e.g. B. Microsoft Word documents. The functionality usually worked during my short practical work, but the phone sometimes missed a letter. More importantly, it just didn’t feel right away.

    You can change the camera mode by rotating the S Pen left or right and zooming in and out of the camera clockwise and counterclockwise. You can go to the next or previous photo and point right and left in the Gallery app.

    It is important to note that you are about to press the button for a second, make a gesture, and then immediately release it, otherwise, the phone will treat it as a long press. And if you’re in the camera app, for example, you’ll end up taking ripped photos.

    If there is no gimmick, the Samsung Notes app has new, fast handwriting for text conversion. On the Note 10 and Note 10+, you can use the S Pen to write something in the Samsung Pen and then instantly convert it to text that you can copy and edit.

    You can replace your handwriting with the recognized text in the note, which is great for making a quick shopping list. No, handwriting conversion is not new to Note phones. Samsung has now added an instant conversion button in the Notes app.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Cameras

    The rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus are virtually unchanged from the Galaxy S10 Plus. You still have the same wide-angle, standard, and telephoto lens that gives you extreme flexibility when taking photos. The location of the camera array is also better in my opinion because you will no longer be able to find your index in wide-angle shots.

    The Galaxy Note 10 + has three rear cameras with the Galaxy S10 and S10 +: dual-aperture (F1.5 / F2.4) with 12-megapixel primary lens, 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera with F2 ۔ A 12MP telephoto camera with 2 apertures and an F2.1 aperture. The telephone camera now has a larger aperture than previous Galaxy flagships, including all F2.4 aperture telephoto lenses.

    Rear Camera

    There are four cameras in the rear, including a 12-megapixel main camera recording scenes with bright and fun colors that are known for Samsung photos. It’s solid, though it’s almost like a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera.

    Low light photos look better than ever for dedicated night mode. Without them, people’s skin looks like the glamorous image of the nineties when Photoshop first hit the market – such an unfortunate airbrush.

    As night mode turns on, we see less aggressive smoothing but more noise as the exposure increases. In most dark scenarios, it was a better compromise. Because of this, Google Pixel 3 is the overall winner for your night and bar-restaurant shots with better post-processing performance in the night site format.

    The wide-angle camera is amazingly versatile. It’s wider than the camera of almost all other smartphones, but it also has an aggressive twist. This can be fixed in post-production if you wish, but the camera is still very useful for inserting more frames and making things bigger.

    Telephoto cameras also look better, perhaps even at the software level. It’s very fast, which is very rare in smartphones with telephoto cameras. It is the same color as the other two cameras and can see relatively similar profiles on all three lenses.

    3D scanning leaves much to be desired. There are several restrictions at this time: an object must be between 20 and 80 cubic centimeters in size, not reflective, or have too much light in the scene, and you must make sure that the object or face Has nothing near you. Try scanning.

    Even under the right circumstances, I saw the phone on my wife’s face and kept making mistakes while trying to scan inhumane things and begging myself to try again. I may not understand how to use the 3D scanning feature.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Software

    The Galaxy Note 10+ (and Note 10) runs Android 9 Pie with Windows UI 1.5. And offers much of the same experience as the Galaxy S10. They have the usual features you would expect.

    Such as Edge Screen Widget, Always On Display, Safe Folder, Samsung Pay, Bixby Voice, Bixby Home, Bixby Routines, Dual Messenger, Navigation Indicators (with these options which Use S Pan to prevent gestures from activating when you type, face recognition, one-way mode, night mode across the system, game launcher and themes support.

    The Note 10+ also supports running Samsung DX as an app on Windows and Mac OS. Why would you do that when you want to use your phone only as a PC? You can transfer files from your PC to your phone by dragging them into the Samsung Dex window (it doesn’t work any other way).

    Also, this is great if you want to play mobile games on your PC monitor. The experience in games like Game Loft’s Asphalt 9 is great because they support the use of formal keyboards and can be useful in competitive games like PUBG.

    Since the power button doubles as a box button. You can customize it with one or double press of the power button. Once out of the box, as usual, the double press starts the camera. And a long press triggers the boxy voice.

    Power options can be accessed via the power button in the notification shadow or by pressing. And holding the volume and power buttons. Double-click to open the Bixby homepage or any app. Regularly pressing the power button will keep the screen on and off.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Battery

    The Galaxy Note 10+ has a 4,300 mAh battery. The largest of all the Note or Galaxy S flagships to date (excluding the 5G capable Galaxy S10). And it has a 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset. Which should be more technically efficient than the 8nm Exynos 9820 in the Galaxy S10 range. Is it practical? Oh well. The Note 10+ can usually run all day with two SIM cards. Although the times weren’t as impressive as I expected.

    The Note 10 Plus comes with a 25-watt charger. But an even higher 45-watt charger that Samsung sells separately for $ 50 (not currently available in the UK). However, you will not need the latter. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 33% battery life in just 15 minutes and a 65% battery life in 30 minutes.

    This does not mean that the Note 10 Plus has poor battery life. it’s fine. However, I expected a bigger battery, as the screen is significantly larger than the last Note and Galaxy S10 Plus. It is clear that Samsung has been trying to keep the Galaxy Note 7 safe since the incident.


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