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RVB Fondotinta leggero attivi

    RVB Fondotinta leggero attivi

    RVB LAB offers a conservative and complete cosmetics line of superior execution items, with agreeable surfaces and popular shading ranges. While their skincare items were mixed from the core of their research centers: the front line dermo-cosmetics which results from sub-atomic biotechnology.

    RVB LAB additionally plans inventive items for a wide range of hair to react to the fundamental necessities of style, care, and finish of each lady. RVB Skinlab is the place where the Diego Dalla Palma bunch came, dermo-cosmetic research focus with 60 years of involvement, and Diego from Palma Milano, a brand popular for its style and expert methodology. Innovativeness, polish, logical meticulousness: these are the motivating upsides of a stunner marked Diego Dalla Palma.

    What is RVB Fondotinta leggero attivi?

    RVB Fondotinta leggero attivi is reasonable for all skin types. A lightweight cream foundation, ideal to try and out the tone and light up the face.  Defensive cosmetics are suggested for those with dynamic ways of life, as the recipe is advanced with cancer prevention agents and cell defenders, just as natural defenders. Conceal self-changes with match complexion, for an ideal match finish.

    It is a high inclusion cream establishment with assurance from the components. Second-skin impact solace, normal and brilliant completion. Ideal for all skin types.

    Enhanced with defensive and antiaging concentrates of pomegranate and Centella Asiatica sterols. Conceal self-acclimates to match complexion, for an ideal match finish.


    The innovation of Active Light uses Spherical Pigments that surrender a new make result to tone and a stripped wonderful skin impact. The Mallow Extract ensures durable solace because of its saturating and mellowing characteristics, while the Blue Lotus Flower Extract, with hostile to oxidant and enemies of kinks properties, makes skin smooth and homogeneous.

    Make-up tips.

    Shake a long time before use. Apportion a little amount onto the rear of your hand and apply with delicate touches from the focal region of the face going outwards, mixing great additionally along the hairline.

    Then, at that point, go from the jaw right down to the base of the neck, to stay away from unaesthetic shading contrasts. For an expert outcome, apply items with Foundation Brush of Pupa’s Professional Brush line of items, going from the focal point of face to the shapes, from temple to jawline, mixing down on the neck.

    Consideration of the products of RVB LAB.

    • No weighty metal (nickel, lead, chromium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium) has been remembered for items as a fixing, as per Annex II of the European guideline 1223/2009.
    • No item containing gluten or subordinates, as a preventive measure for those subjects impacted by celiac illness or with gluten awareness.
    • The recipes of the shines are “without 5” since they don’t contain possibly destructive substances like formaldehyde and additionally pitches, toluene, camphor, and phthalates (DIBUTYL PHTHALATE or DBP).
    • Are tried on animals, neither the result nor its model, as per the current European guidelines.

    Beauty is the team work.

    The Diego Dalla Palma assemble brings RVB Skinlab, dermo-cosmetic research focuses with 60 years’ insight, and Diego Dalla Palma Milano, a brand with standing for its style and expert methodology. Creativity, elegance, logical accuracy: the qualities that move all Diego Dalla Palma excellence items.

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