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4 Easy Step To Remove Your Nail Polish Without Remover

    hi everyone in today’s article I’m going to be tell you three ways to take your nail polish off without nail polish remover. these are some good tricks if you’re traveling or you just run enough product the Polish I used on my nails is the well-known mint candy apple by Essie for the.


    Perfume & Body Spray

    First trick you will need perfume or body spray and a paper towel or cotton pad first spray the perfume onto the cotton pad or paper towel for this is always better to do outside because it can be quite over powering also make sure. you’re not allergic to this before you use it then wipe the paper towel over the nail to remove the nail polish.  after doing this once I found the cotton pad worked much better as it soaked up more of the perfume then just spray the perfume again and I peak this step until the Polish is completely gone.



    Hand Sanitizer

    The second trick you will need any type of hand sanitizer I used my favorite sanitizer from body shop which is Satsuma smelling one and it smells so good you will need to open up the bottle and apply it onto the cotton pad the nrub product in and do the same as you would good perfume then again repeat this step until the polish has completely gone the hand sanitizer I found didn’t work as well asa perfume because it wasn’t as strong however this all depends on what sanitizer you use and how many coats of nail polish we applied for,




    Toothpaste contains ethyl acetate, a common ingredient in nail polish. Use white toothpaste to remove the nail polish. Take a spoonful of toothpaste and apply a small amount on your nails. Remove nail paint by rubbing your nails with an old toothbrush or paper towel.


    Just Use Your Nail Polish

    the last trick you will need clear or just normal nail polish and cotton pads or a paper towel apply a large amount of the clear polish over the nail and then wipe off with a cotton pad then repeat the step-until the Polish is removed I use his green colored one by model zone just so you guys can see it clearly up against the blue polish the normal polish just repeat the same steps for this step you can use any old nail polish of any color and it should work just as fine and that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you a few tips and tricks of how to remove your nail polish without remover thank you so much guys and if you liked it. Please tell us on comments

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