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Red Coyote Running and Fitness

    Red Coyote Running and Fitness

    Red Coyote Running and Fitness, Founded by runners Jon Beck and Burke, Red Coyote is an excellent resource for running shoes and accessories. The store features a free slow-motion video gait analysis system and offers assistance for runners of all levels. While most of the store’s offerings are focused on high-performance running, there are also options for beginners. Jon Beck and his team believe in encouraging running as an activity that everyone can enjoy.

    Red Coyote is a running and fitness store.

    The Oklahoma City-based Red Coyote Running and Fitness are named the 2015 Running Store of the Year by Competitor Magazine. The store was also named a finalist in the 2015 Best Running Stores of America list. Founded in 2010, Red Coyote has been a finalist four times and is now ranked number three overall. The award recognizes outstanding running stores and honors them for their community involvement, customer service, and shoe selection.

    Jon Beck, the owner of Red Coyote, opened his store in Oklahoma City to serve runners of all abilities and experience levels. The store’s knowledgeable staff and extensive selection make it an excellent place for new and experienced runners. Many specialty running stores can be intimidating, even to the most experienced runner. However, Red Coyote aims to make running as easy as possible.

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    Located in Classen Curve Shopping Center, Red Coyote is an excellent destination for anyone interested in running or walking. Runners will find everything from shoes and apparel to training programs and video gait analysis. Red Coyote also offers free weekly runs and steps to help runners improve their fitness levels. With two locations in Oklahoma City, Red Coyote is the premier running and fitness store in the metro area.

    The store is locally owned and operated and was named after the owner’s dog, Pancho. During the initial years, Becks and Burke worked together at the most significant running store in the United States. Ultimately, their goal was to open their store. They moved back to their hometown of Oklahoma City and christened the Red Coyote store in honor of their pet. Among other store features, it is also equipped with a slow-motion video gait analysis system. Moreover, the owners also have a slow-motion video gait analysis system so customers can get the best running shoe for their foot type.

    Burke and Beck founded it.

    The owners of Red Coyote Running and Fitness in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, are a husband and wife team with over ten years of experience running specialty retail. Burke and Beck previously co-owned the country’s largest running specialty retail store, located in San Diego. The couple decided to take their passion for running one step further and open a retail store of their own. The two named the store after Beck’s dog Pancho, a coyote that often makes appearances.

    While Burke Beck grew up in Casady, Maryland, he became a national-caliber runner at Washington and Lee University. Jon Beck later went on to become an NCAA Cross Country All-American. The two men continue to run to this day, with Burke establishing Red Coyote as one of their first destinations. In addition to running, the Becks also run their businesses and sponsor various events.

    While the Marathon course is demanding, runners and marathoners can take advantage of the knowledgeable staff at Red Coyote. The owners offer nutrition and training advice and tips to keep you healthy. In addition, they take you behind the scenes of the event to meet the race announcer and discuss the notorious Deep Deuce section of the course. And they’ll also provide a unique perspective on Race Weekend and the entire event.

    It offers a free slow-motion video gait analysis system.

    A video gait analysis system is invaluable for the most accurate assessment of gait patterns. Slow-motion video analysis can help assess a runner’s gait patterns and identify biomechanical errors. It is a powerful tool that can help runners improve their efficiency while reducing the risk of injury. It is available free of charge for all mobile devices. Here are some reasons why you should buy a video gait analysis system.

    Xsens MVN: A popular and widely used gait analysis system, the Xsens MVN uses 17 inertial trackers to measure three component forces and three-component moments along six degrees of freedom. This video is reproduced with permission. The Xsens MVN uses a wireless connection to transmit video to the software. It offers a free slow-motion video gait analysis system for research purposes.

    It caters to runners of every experience level.

    Jon Beck, the owner of Red Coyote running and fitness store, is committed to offering a wide range of products to runners of all experience levels. While many specialty running stores can be intimidating, he aims to be where even the least experienced runner can get advice. Throughout his tenure, Red Coyote has become an Oklahoma City institution that caters to runners of all levels and backgrounds.

    Owners Jon Beck and Burke Beck have worked to build a successful running store. They’ve added a beneficial slow-motion video gait analysis system to their store and outstanding customer service. The store is unique because it offers a free video gait analysis system and is a part dog-themed store. This way, they ensure customers have a fantastic experience, including finding the right running shoe for their foot type.

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