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Top 10 Best & Most Popular Makeup Products

    In this article we’re going to be talking about those top 10 makeup products that everybody needs. You can also consider this like a beginner’s must-have or if you have a makeup collection already these are the top 10 makeup products that I think you need the very first thing that you need is:


    A Good Foundation there are way too many really good foundations in the market. Today here is my favorite and in this article, I picked total control drop foundation. This is just so amazing because it’s available all over the world. It’s cruelty free they’ve got all the shades you might want. It looks amazing on the skin and the price point it’s amazing the shade I’ve got is 16.5 and that matches my face perfectly. So, which is going to go with this okay I love that this foundation suits people with all skin types dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and when you pick a foundation shade remember that the foundation should match your face. Exactly the foundation is not to make you look fairer or lighter than you are and that’s our foundation done.


    The second product that you need is a concealer but ideally everybody should have two concealers guys one concealer should be the shade of your foundation. It should be exactly the shade of your foundation and the second concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. The Tarte shape tape concealer and also the LA girl Pro conceal concealer both of them are really great concealers and I have mentioned a really good deal for the tarte concealer in this article. So, don’t forget to check it out now. The reason you need a concealer that suits your skin tone exactly is to get rid of your hyper pigmentation or dark spots or acne scarring or under-eye circles. If you have really dark under-eye circles any, anything that is really dark that you need to conceal. Basically, you need a concealer that is your skin tone exactly or if your blemish is really dark get a concealer. That’s even one shade darker than your skin tone that will do a better job at concealing the little blemishes and dark spots better than a concealer of your skin tone definitely not a lighter one. Now why do you need a lighter concealer now that is to bring a little bit of attention and focus to the center of your face that’s it concealer done.

    Face Powder

    Product number three is a face powder and I recommend the hora beauty loose powder. I prefer a loose powder over a compact powder just because I think a compact powder can make yourself look cakey and a loose powder you can use too low-key is eating my lipstick. A loose powder can be used in multiple ways you can bake your face, you can just lightly dust your face, you set it now there are so many shades of this. So, you can get one that suits your complexion. I’m just taking a lighter one just because everybody can use this. If you use it with a light hand and this is in the shade cupcake. I’m going to apply the powder just where I tend to crease not all over my face because again applying powder all over your face. I feel cakes up your face but if you have really oily skin you might want to powder your entire face. This part is just so finely milled it does such a good job at setting your makeup and giving a skin like a velvet soft smooth finish.

    Eyebrow Pencil

    The fourth product that I recommend is an eyebrow pencil. The pencil that I’m going to recommend is the Golden Rose long stay precise brow liner. NYX Cosmetics also has one of these micro HD brown. I think it’s called anything with a fine tip like this in a dark brown shade.

    NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

    Which product are we on guys five I think so I’m going to show you a shadow palette that and all in all if you want to have just one eye shadow palette, I recommend this one by NYX it’s called the ultimate shadow palette. It’s got a lot of really nice neutral nude shade. So for an everyday nude shadow you’ve got it. You’ve got like a charcoal a dark almost black shade. If you want just a liner look you’ve got a little bit of shimmery looks. If you want to take it up a notch a little bit for a party or you know something subtle let’s create a quick look with this shall we I’ve been doing a lot of Browns and reds recently. So, let’s do something with the blues and greens. I feel like keeping it really simple so I’m going to take this mauve shade and pop it on my crease. Just to give us a transition get that transition shade to your lower lash line as well and this really makes your eyes look large and dull. I like I’m going to pick this olive-green shade and just pop it all over my eyelid. That’s all I’m going to do that is pretty and finally I’m going to take this poly shiny shade and pop it just underneath my brow bone to make it pop. I’m also going to take a little bit of that and pop it to in a corner that in a corner magic done.

    Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

    Product number six in my must have list is a mascara and the mascara that I’m going to be picking today is the Charlotte Tilbury full fat lashes. This really gives me that big thick voluminous lashes and it’s not waterproof so when I wash off my face at the end of the day it washes off easily. For this product guys I’m going to let you choose your own favorite mascara because everybody has your own lash need. Some like lengthening some like curling some like volumizing some like waterproof. There are so many in the market so my preference is a non-waterproof volumizing mascara that is just one quick lazy coat of mascara and see the difference that it made to our eye look.

    Kohl Pencil

    Product number seven in the must have list is a Kohl pencil. The reason why I chose a Kohl pencil is because you can apply this on your waterline and you can also on your lash line. As a proper eyeliner and the product that I’ve chose today is a stake walkie badass Kajal. It’s black it works its long-lasting on me and it’s cheap and it’s effective.

    Wet n Wild Mega Glue Highlighter

    Product number eight and my must have makeup list is the highlighter. My current obsession and my recommendation for you is the Wet n Wild mega glue highlighting powder. It’s affordable it’s so beautiful. This is so comparable to like the Bobby Brown’s and Charlotte Tilbury. It’s just like blends right into your skin and as brown girls you got that golden glow in our skin. So, when you apply a little bit of gold champagne a glowy highlighter on top of her cheekbones. It really brings out that golden goddess vibes now you don’t have to stick to applying highlighter just on your face if you are wearing something like. I’m wearing today apply highlighter on your collarbone your décolletage on your neck wherever you know apply it everywhere. So, that the glow on your face matches the glow on your body and make sure that glow matches with the glow in your heart product..

    Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Lipstick

    Number nine and my must have makeup list is a nude lipstick. My recommendation for today is the charlotte tilbury liquid lipstick in the shade sugar. This is my all-time favorite nude lipstick but for those who cannot get their hands on. It a few kinds of their dupe is the sugar cosmetics mad as hell crayon lipstick in the shade. It’s not an exact you but it’s kind of there also the Naica matte lipstick in the shades are six Diana. So, here is the Charlotte Tilbury one it’s just that perfect mix of browns and peach and pink. It’s just got it all I love it. Here is the sugar cosmetics one it’s definitely peachier more brownie then is actually closer to the Charlotte Tilbury. The sugar one but you kind of get the drift right so for today’s look I’m going to actually apply Dianna on when it comes to a nude lipstick. My nude needn’t be your nude because nude depends on your skin tone. Right these are recommendations that I’m showing based on my skin tone as a reference I have not included a blush in this top 10 list because I don’t think a blush is a must-have more often than not I’m just applying my lipstick right on my cheeks and blending it out with my finger. What I like about this is that the lipstick and the blush kind of match together giving it like a beautiful wholesome look something about that matching Machinist looks really nice. If you’ve ever applied too much blush all you have to do is take your foundation brush and run it right over your blush easy fixes.

    Fenty Stunna-in Uncensored

    Finally, for the tenth must have product how can we end this article without telling a red lipstick right everybody needs a beautiful red lipstick that looks stunning on you. My recommendation is the Fenty’s tunnel of paint this looks good on everybody. It really does but if you cannot get your hands on the Fenty’s tanner you can also get the pack of cosmetics, retro matte, lip gloss so here we have the frente Cure we have the back this is called hot Tila shade and this is in the shade uncensored.
    So, these are my top 10 recommendations for every single girl out there. Here is a full face of makeup using all of my top ten recommendations and by switching out the lipsticks and the eye shadow looks.

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