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Top 10 Best & Popular Cosmetic Brands in the World

    Make-up products are the need of girls and women, because today we cannot suffer without them. There are various top makeup brands working for the global fashion industry. They manufacture their products in various shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Some cosmetic products are suitable for all skin types. However, some items are specially designed for sensitive, dry or oily skin. All cosmetic companies want to offer their customers eternal beauty with the best quality products. Through these brands, you can find tons of things that we use in our makeup. They all match your choice and taste and show the latest trends. This article is about top 10 best & popular cosmetics brands in the world and I hope you will like this.


    Covergirl this cosmetic company was found in Maryland America. It got its name when the Nok cell company founder allowed govern URLs such as fashion models and actresses to appear on the front cover. This company has a wide array of beauty products at fairly reasonable prices

    9-Or I Flame

    Or I Flame it is a company which was founded by Jonas and Robert off Josh Nick. It is a Swedish company and it sells personal care accessories and nutritional products. The products can be bought directly or online. The company sells directly in over sixty countries internationally. It has natural beauty products with an annual sale approximately over 1.5 billion Euros.


    Unique Clinique is a company which makes skin care products cosmetics toiletries and fragrances. It is usually sold in high in department stores like Macy’s USA. It was founded in 1968 the company is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder companies. This is the world’s first allergy tested dermatologist drive line at the department store Saks Fifth Avenue.


    Neutrogena This brand is the first choice for high class women, especially for models who always want more beauty and attraction. All the beauty care and skin cosmetics of Neutrogena are made from natural elements. This is also called fast lipstick color brand in the world. The best products are sun scrubs, whitening creams, compact lips, glossy foundations, etc.


    Olay from the 1950s Olay offers heart-wrenching, soothing skin care makeup products. It is liked by everyone because of its skin tightening and anti-aging creams.

    5-Urban Decay

    Urban Decay was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in California. They make a variety of products including iron lip colors as well as other beauty products. The products are usually sold at big department stores in America as well as Germany and Mexico. This is one of the brands which is a cruelty-free company and doesn’t use animal testing.


    One of the biggest international brands Avon was founded in 1880 and since then is serving both men and women. It is famous for cleansing lotions, eyeshadows liners, nail paint concealer, moisturizers etc.

    3-Estee Lauder

    Estee Lauder is the most popular makeup brand for men and women around the world. This is famous for some particular cosmetics such as perfumes, shampoo, creams, foundations lipstick kits that are mostly men like. It’s hair gel and dye in other beauty products for men no doubt it is getting popularity among people very rapidly. Estee Lauder is also competing with other companies and making your stylish and beautiful.


    Mac this cosmetic company was founded in Canada but the headquarters are in New York by 2007. The company had cells of five hundred million dollar. Which was the double of what they were a decade before Estee Lauder incorporated. Acquired in this company in 1998 this company claims to provide products which are street saving as well as glamorous the charitable focus is HIV / aids.


    L’Oreal is a very expensive and well-known make-up brand in this world and it is becoming more and more successful every day. L’Oréal launched hair color as its first product and after great success that started making makeup things. It is the first choice of all celebrities and models because of its high quality.

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