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Mailing Lists with Specialized Content Make a Difference

    Mailing Lists with Specialized Content Make a Difference

    Mailing Lists with Specialized Content is the most important aspect of your mailing campaign. You must invest enough energy learning about which lists to mail to ensure that your mailing efforts don’t go unused. There are many different ways to reach the right list.


    First, determine who your target audience is. Which market should you target? Take, for example, a set home woodworking tool. This product should not be considered an industrial-grade product and should therefore be marketed to the consumers. It’s now down to only 291,324,219 US residents. Sending the same name three times in a mailing campaign is a minimum. All you need to do is send out 873 972 657 postcards at $0.185 apiece. We have to reduce it further.


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    How do you narrow down your options? Many factors are possible to consider, such as gender, age, zip code, annual income, profession, and some children. It may take some time to discover the right combination that works best for your particular product. You don’t need to worry about politics when you are deciding on who to mail your products to. It is fine to test lists that you may consider “stereotypical”. These lists can often be trusted. These lists are not always reliable.


    It makes sense that a special cream for the eyes would be available to women over 40. Don’t worry about the fact that you are targeting older ladies or that 40 is not considered old. Whatever your market research, don’t forget to do a small test mailing first! A test mailing typically contains between 1000 and 1500 names. If you are getting acceptable returns with the smaller mailings then you can start to send the larger mailings. While 40+ may seem like a good age to start the eye cream, you may see better results if you purchase it at 50+. Take a test drive!


    You may find a product that you do not like and you cannot narrow your search by the usual qualifiers. There are some things you can assume about woodworking hobbyists. This is when you might consider a privately managed list. These lists can be the more costly per name but provide a better way to find potential customers.


    The subscriber list for Fine Woodworking Magazine could be ordered. This would mean that each name would cost $0.095, as opposed to the $0.05 normal cost. These names are almost twice the price, but you can rest assured that they are all for people who are interested in woodworking and will therefore be more likely than others to be interested. For example, some women over 40 may look older than others and might not think of eye cream.


    While managed lists might not be the best option for every situation, they can help you reach your target in a more specific way. Don’t worry about the higher costs, as the overall returns will be greater for those with more targeted names.


    Mailing Lists with Specialized Content are designed to target specific types of customers for your particular business. The ultimate goal is to get more customers and improve your bottom line. This is what we want.

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