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Innisfree Sunscreen

    Innisfree Sunscreen

    Sunscreen has become not only an inseparable object for females anymore, but now many men also choose to use sunscreen to protect their skin against the harmful effects associated with sunlight. If you are buying a mid-priced sunscreen, then Kem chống nắng Innisfree is a good suggestion for you.

    About Innisfree Brand

    This brand ‘Innisfree’ was made in 2000. It was made under Amore Pacific Group. This group is one of the leading cosmetic businesses in Korea. Who else is an experienced veteran, the Innisfree brand has produced to be equivalent to other high-end cosmetic lines in the nation? With a dedication to using natural ingredients, Innisfree’s products are reliable, and always at the front of natural epidermis beauty methods. Together with that is the commitment to bring consumers quality products at the most reasonable prices. Upwards to now, Innisfree is loved and trusted by many people throughout Parts of Asia, including Vietnam.

    Innisfree Sunscreen Classification

    No doubt, each skin type will have various qualities, so for sunscreen to be best, you should figure out your skin. Here are the Innisfree sunscreen categories that you should label.

    Innisfree Sunscreen For Dry Skin

    In the normal epidermis, the body will usually maintain a sufficient amount of water on the surface of the skin. But for folks with the dry epidermis, this amount of water is quite small, and the olive oil regulation function on the skin is also limited. Therefore, you must always moisturize dry epidermis to limit harm such as inflammation, aging skin, or skin disease. It is for that reason that whenever you choose Innisfree sunscreen, you should give inclination to products that contain moisturizing elements. This way, the skin will be both looked after and protected from the harmful effects of sunlight.

    Innisfree Sunscreen For Oily Skin

    That individuals with greasy skin, the surface of the epidermis is very damp, and the skin always feels greasy. This specific is both unpleasant and causes acne to develop. As a result, think about Innisfree sunscreen, you should choose products that say “Oil-Free” or “No Sebum”. These are sunscreen lines for greasy skin that control oil and restrict excess oil release.

    Innisfree Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

    Regarding sensitive skin, it is sometimes prone to acne, lesions, and itchiness when there is a change in the exterior environment. Consequently, you need to be careful when taking care of and choosing this sunscreen for sensitive epidermis. The milky sunscreen lines with high SPF and PA will be suited to your sensitive epidermis.

    How To Use Innisfree Sunscreen Effectively?

    Use has a considerable influence on the effectiveness of makeup generally speaking as well as sunscreen in particular. Once you incorrectly apply sunscreen, you can make your epidermis both unprotected and wasteful. Here is how to use Innisfree sunscreen effectively to help you always have beautiful healthy skin.

    • Wash your hands and face thoroughly before applying sunscreen.
    • Take a proper amount of sunscreen, dot the cream evenly on the spots, and spread evenly until the sunscreen is absorbed into the skin.
    • Use at the right moment: You should apply sunscreen 20 to half an hour before going outside to market its sun security effect.
    • After about two hours according to the climate or perspiring a lot, you need to re-apply sunscreen.

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