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How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online

    How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online

    How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online, Elder Scrolls Online is a popular MMORPG. Several fans of this game are asking how to make money in it. Well, the answer is simple – with effort and perseverance. This is a game that requires a lot of time, dedication, and devotion to succeed. However, you can still make money even if you are just a beginner. Here are some tips on how to make money in this game.


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    First of all, the most effective way to make money in Elder Scrolls Online is through crafting and gathering. Gathering and crafting are two of the main activities in this massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG). Crafting is how you create items that your character in battle will use. Items can be sold at stores or even obtained through quests which are located all over the map. You can also choose to sell your crafted items through the auction house.


    If you are a veteran or have been playing the game for quite some time now, you can consider taking up a crafting career. You can choose to become an herbalist, a blacksmith, a baker, or even a trader. These careers will help you gather ingredients and other resources that are required in the game. When compiling, make sure that you are not farming too much of the resource. Gather enough for your crafting needs and only farm what is needed for the quest.


    Another effective method on how to make money in MMORPG is through crafting writs. Writs are special quests that have specific requirements that must be fulfilled to complete the quest. The players will have to follow these quests for several hours to not forget about them. After a few days, these writs are rewarded and can be sold for a good profit.


    To start crafting in the game, one of the first things you should do is find a guide. There are several guides available today, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. Once you have found a good one, read all the information inside. In the guide, you will learn how to make money in Elder Scrolls Online and better understand the game. The five main guilds in the game that you should join are the Blades, Mages, Thieves, Radiant, and Imperial City Guards.


    After you have reached level ten, you will be given the option to participate in guild wars. At this point, you will be given a list of quests that are easy to do but have low reward money. You can pick one from the list and do it to earn money. The most profitable investigations are the ones that have high reward money and are not very long, so you can do them as many times as possible to maximize your profits.


    When you have reached level fifty, you will have the option to start engaging in group dungeons. These group dungeons require good teamwork, so you better have friends online who are keen on doing quests with you. If you don’t have any friends online, you can go to the multiplayer game section and see if you can find a compatible player. Joining a guild is making money in Elder scrolls online; you will have to pay a monthly fee to be part of the guild, so you need to make sure that you have made a good impression on your new guildmates.


    When you have reached level one, you will have more freedom regarding how to make money in Elder scrolls online. You will also craft different items and sell them in the market or directly at the five main guilds. The more money you make, the more stuff you can buy, so you must have a large stock of ingredients and foodstuffs. Crafting is how to make money in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

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