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How To Learn to Enhance Email Marketing

    How To Learn to Enhance Email Marketing

    Your email marketing campaign’s success is often dependent on many complex factors. However, there are ways to prevent many of these problems from becoming a problem and optimize your response. These guidelines will help you when creating your next email campaign.


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    Your List


    Your list is an integral part of any email marketing campaign. It’s directly linked to your success. Are their names current? Do they consent to be marketed to? Do they have an interest in the same products or services as you? It is important to ensure you use a house list, which is names you have collected yourself or that were purchased from a reliable broker.


    Your Subject Line


    It is essential to get users to open your email marketing messages. You can determine which subject line works best by breaking your emails into three different but equal groups. Take a look at the responses to each email and choose the most productive one to be your control. Try to beat your control email’s response rate in follow-up emails.


    Your Sender Information


    What information is in your email’s sender line? Are your prospects able to recognize it? Will they remember it? Indiscernible sender names can cause emails to be lost or deleted. The sender’s name should not be too long and difficult to remember.


    Follow Your Results


    Tracking lets you determine who opened and clicked on your message or any of the links in your email. If you know what worked, you can repeat the success with your next email. It is important to track subject lines, embedded links, and other direct response mechanisms, as described above.


    Check That Your Unsubscribe Process Is Active and Functioning

    The 2003 CANSPAM act requires that all emails include clear instructions about how to opt-out of future mailings. A unsubscribe link allows your email recipients to contact you by email and let them know they want to stop receiving future emails from your company. It’s in your best interest to stop receiving emails from recipients if they no longer wish to receive them.


    Images Are Properly Referenced. You’ve Also Used Alt Tags in Every Image


    If you don’t properly reference your images, they may appear broken when your message is sent – the red x. The image must be referenced as IMG src=”….” and not image src=”/images/picture.jpg”. Alt tags are also important for your images. Most email clients now disable images automatically due to new security features. Alt tags enable your reader to identify and determine whether the image is safe to allow.


    Test, Test, Test!


    For email marketing to work, you must follow the above guidelines no matter your role in it. Test, test, and test again! You can measure the number of opens, click-throughs, and purchases for each email campaign. Record the date, time, and list details. Also, note the subject line and content used in your results. Your documentation should be referred to before you begin your next campaign.


    Email does not have to be complex. You can use many best practices and simple rules that will ensure your email campaign is delivered, opened, and converted. You will not only be able to deliver an effective email campaign but you will also discover a consistent way to generate revenue for your business by following these simple rules.

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