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Email Marketing Can Be Dangerous

    Email Marketing Can Be Dangerous

    Email Marketing Can Be Dangerous or the other way Email is a great way for customers to stay in touch. Customers check their emails first thing when they log on online. Email is still the most valuable asset on the internet. Email volume is on the rise. E-Marketer research found that US email volume will grow to almost 2.7 billion by 2007.


    Keep your audience informed by email. Your blog or any other online facility should have email notifications. Unwanted bulk email (also known as spam) is a problem online. The server is affected and drains when bulk mail is sent. Authorities are now looking to prosecute those who send bulk mail. They also have technologies and filters that block bulk mail from getting into the inbox.


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    After developing or researching products, you send an email to a subscriber-only to discover that it was lost.


    What about if they are solicited? In the early day’s Internet, people would subscribe to mailing lists. Now they’ve stopped. Ads aren’t something anyone wants. It is virtually impossible to find a large number of people who want to be contacted by email. Double Click research found that 64.7% (of all legitimate emails) are never opened. Filters, triggers, and permission-based filters can block your email and newsletters.


    You can easily identify a commercial mail by just looking at it. Email Marketing Can Be Dangerous if it is possible to identify a commercial email by simply looking at it. Sometimes, people report an email as spam and decide to delete it. To ensure that your list is growing, send confirmation emails. You’ll be amazed at how few people will subscribe to your email list if they don’t want to research your product.


    You will also be listed in the spamming database if you spam. Spamming databases are where email providers verify whether or not it is spam. Every email you send includes an IP address. If your IP is found in the database, your ranking could drop, your host might de-host or ban you from their payment processor. You could also find yourself sending blocked emails.

    You can avoid getting blocked by ISPs or getting caught in spam filters. To avoid getting caught in spam filters or being blocked by ISPs, you need to add a symbol (such as an apostrophe asterisk or dash) in between words. That filter shouldn’t block you arbitrarily.


    Spam filters can block you from selling products in your subject lines. Email overload and spam actually decrease email marketing success rates by 60%. This should be used only to supplement other traffic methods.

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