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Content Marketing Vs. Blogging – Which Is Better for Your Company?

    Content Marketing Vs. Blogging - Which Is Better for Your Company

    Content marketing vs. blogging is a debate that has been raging for some time now. However, they can be used very Synonymously; content marketing vs. blogging work differently to help grow your online business. To understand which one you should, first look at their definition and then dig into how each helps your online business. When it comes to content marketing, this is where blogs come in. In a nutshell, content marketing is a promotional method for selling products and services through the written word.


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    Blogging, on the other hand, is more of a more personal and informative style of writing. It usually involves the regular posting of small bits and pieces to the blog to allow people to have a chance to get to know you better. The main goal of content marketing vs. blogging is to give people an opportunity to interact with you and perhaps even see a bit about who you are and what you do. This can go a long way towards allowing you to build business relationships with others.


    If you want to achieve success with content marketing vs. blogging, you must first understand that readers are not the only ones that will gain access to your content. While people reading your content is the primary goal, so too is having the ability for your readers to leave comments, which can lead to an audience of countless viewers. However, the number of people finding your blog will be much higher than the number of comments you get. Of course, this also means that the number of words you get will also be incredibly overwhelming.


    Therefore, content marketing vs. blogging is about the number of viewers you get versus the number of people finding your blog. Most business owners are somewhat of both. They realize that they need to have blogs to reach a vast audience, but at the same time, they don’t want their blog to be found by just anyone. They want to have a certain level of control. If you’re one of these business owners, you’re certainly not alone.


    If you’re not content marketing vs. blogging about your product or service, you probably won’t have the ability to obtain a large audience for your offerings. Therefore, it boils down to choosing what works for your business growth and ignoring what doesn’t. It would help if you decided whether you want more readers or a larger audience of viewers that will purchase your products or services.


    An excellent example of this would be email marketing vs. blogging. Most business owners ignore email marketing because they assume it’s not cost-effective, and they don’t consider creating email lists or promoting products through other marketing channels. If you were to analyze it, email marketing would be one of the best channels to use for your blogging audience, simply because you can send them valuable information for free.


    Another example is Facebook. Many people think that because they have a presence on Facebook, they’ve already got a captive audience that will respond well to their advertisements. The truth is that Facebook is still in its early stages as a marketing channel; however, if you take advantage of the medium, you can do wonders for your company’s overall image. For example, by creating long-form content on Facebook, you can give your potential customers a feel you know them. By connecting with them through constant communication, you will start building trust in your brand.


    In closing, the final example I’ll discuss will be the most challenging decision you will ever have to make. It has to do with email marketing. Most people disregard email marketing because they assume that it’s not adequate to generate sales. The fact is that a well-constructed email campaign is one of the most potent ways to increase your audience’s engagement with your company’s brand. As far as content goes, both blogging and Facebook allow you to craft emails that are tailor-made for your target audience. Therefore, when deciding between these two marketing venues, always remember that content truly is king.

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