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Clever Curl Products

    The Clever Curl is a brand of hair products which was made by a group of Australian curl experts. These curl experts were impressed by the Curly Girl Method presented of Lorraine Massey. Brought to you by the group from driving natural hair care brand EverEscents, the Clever Curl range is a profoundly specific line of hair products painstakingly planned to upgrade and embrace normally curly hair to hold the character and distinction of curls.

    Following two years of equation making, chatting with curl subject matter experts, and model testing in curl expert salons, this energizing yet straightforward scope of 8 curly girl products was conceived. The Clever Curl products are second to none in quality, have clever ingredients, and are suitable for all types of curls. Each product is figured out with negligible ingredients and is sulfate and silicone free to ensure beautiful curls.

    What is the Curly Girl Method (CGM)?

    Is it true that you are quick to find out regarding the Curly Girl Method? On the off chance that you’ve pondered checking the Curly Girl Method out yet were dubious about what’s going on with it, let me help you with all that you want to turn into a Curly Girl.

    Beginning around 2017, the group at Clever Curl has been essential for the Curly Girl development, working intimately with their Curly Girl clients to get the necessities of a regular Curly Girl. As a feature of the innovative work of their items, they likewise work intently close by proficient curl expert stylists. These specialists service Curly Girl clients in beauty parlors across Australia. They even have their curl expert hairdresser in their salon group that has been prepared by Lorraine Massey herself.

    Some Clever Curl items.

    • Cleanser
    • Rich Conditioner
    • Curl Cream
    • Clever Curl Wonderfoam
    • Clever Curl Gel Humid Weather
    • Clever Curl Gel Dry Weather
    • Fragrance-free Curl Cream
    • Fragrance-free Light Conditioner
    • Fragrance-free Gel Humid Weather
    • Clever Curl Bottle Cap

    Moisture is in the hair.

    Curly hair is more inclined to dryness and frizz brought about by environmental circumstances than straight hair. Along these lines, the essential point of the Clever Curl is to guarantee that the curls are in every case satisfactorily hydrated permitting the curls to be normally sound, sparkly, and fun.

    Hydrated curly hair will look more full, cleaner, better, and shinier with practically no unattractive frizz or softness. So how would they keep curly hair hydrated? At Clever Curl, they have separated the Curly Girl Method for yourself and they have Curly Girl endorsed products to assist you with accomplishing your curly hair dreams.

    Go sulfate-free.

    Modern hair care products right now accessible available contain numerous fixings that might be cruel to human hair and proof shows that curly hair is effectively upset by these basic fixings. It is normal for ordinary hair cleansers to contain cleansers and cleaning specialists, known as sulfates, to clean away the soil, oil, sweat, and skin cells from the scalp and hair.

    The utilization of excellent hair care items that are sans sulfate, similar to those found in the Clever Curl range, is a positive development while lessening the effect from unforgiving manufactured ingredients.

    Go silicone-free.

    One more typical methodology with standard hair care products presently accessible available is to incorporate fixings that are intended to give the hair a better surface-level appearance. These covering and film shaping fixings are most generally silicones. Clever Curl items are sans silicone and save to utilize.

    Drying alcohols.

    The Curly Girl Method additionally joins key rules to assist with accomplishing the ideal degree of hydration by eliminating whatever might make the hair dry out rashly. This incorporates the expulsion of fixings known as drying alcohols from the hair care items.

    These fixings are for the most part remembered for the details of hair care items since they assist the item with spreading uniformly through the hair and they dissipate rapidly once applied.


    The brand Clever Curl was made by a group of Australian curl experts motivated by Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl Method. Clever Curl products are free of all harmful ingredients like Sulfate, Silicone and Drying alcohol. The Clever Curl products are safe to use.

    If you want to buy Clever Curl products, you can buy from this website (Natural Eclipse). All types of Clever Curl products are available here.

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