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Autoresponders to Help You Sell Directly

    Autoresponders to Help You Sell Directly

    Autoresponders are you in a direct selling business? Do you want to make your sales more profitable by streamlining your systems so you can focus on income-generating activities and less on your business?

    Here’s what I have to say: There are simple steps you can do NOW to make your business more sustainable. An autoresponder is just one example. An autoresponder, an online program, takes a pre-written email message/series of emails that you’ve prepared and sends it automatically to someone who has signed up via email.


    It may sound complicated but it is not. Let me tell you how easy it is.


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    Follow up on Leads and Tracking

    Online or offline advertising? An autoresponder lets you put your email address in an advertisement. If someone contacts you to inquire about your company, your initial packet will be sent immediately. To make it even easier, you can put a different address in each ad. This will allow you to easily track which ads are performing well.


    Lead Generation

    Do you have an eBook or coupon that you could give away to potential customers or recruits? Create a web form in your autoresponder. You can then add a short statement such as “Request additional information about my business today and get a gift”, and your autoresponder will automatically send the gift and information to the interested prospects.


    Get Down Line Newsletters

    If you’ve created a network of distributors, you must keep in touch with them. An autoresponder makes it easy. You send them a “welcome” email and then your newsletter to the team.


    You can help your new consultants get off on the right foot with these email training messages. They are geared for those times when they wait for their starter kit. It’s an excellent way to keep enthusiasm high in those initial days.


    Is there an area of your direct-sales business that generates the same questions from all of your distributors? Create a series of emails that are specific to this business topic and then assign members of your team to those emails as you receive them.


    Leadership Communication

    As your direct selling business grows, you’ll start to promote the leaders in your team. A series of emails should be sent to your team congratulating them on being promoted and encouraging them to succeed as a leader. Many people working in direct sales don’t know what it is like to lead their own team. There are ways to train and equip them. and let it work for your every need.


    Newsletters to Customers

    You can keep in touch with your customers with an autoresponder list, just like with your downline. Set up a welcome program for new customers so that you can keep their names and information current.


    Customer Classes

    Create a series email that highlights a product of one month from your product range, or an eBook class on how you use some of your products.



    Create a series of email contests for your customer base and you’re downline. To create excitement, let’s say that you organize a “scavenger Hunt” through your catalog.


    I am assuming that most people, except for those who are new to direct-selling, already have the information necessary to implement many of these ideas. It is as easy as sending the information to an autoresponder, even while you are doing other things. Give it your best shot. Many autoresponders offer a free trial to let you test the system before you buy. After just six months of using, it for my direct sales company, I can confirm that it is well worth the investment.

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