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All Time Best VAMPIRE Games

    Today I am going to talk about our favorite vampire games of all time.

    Blood Rayne

    Blood Rayne came in that weird early 2000s wave of vampire games that just kind of popped up out of nowhere for some reason but anyway blood rain was pretty hotly anticipated at the time with a crazy   campaign and a lot of hype behind it. So, when it finally came out it was a huge relief that the game was actually really cool. The game sees you playing as rain who’s a Dampier which if you’re unfamiliar it’s just a fancy human vampire hybrid like blade being a day walker except instead of being a cool dude like Wesley Snipes. You’re a cool goth lady and instead of hunting vampires in Detroit you’re murdering the hell out of some Nazis in Germany and Argentina. It’s a pretty fast and fun. Third person character action game with rain just cutting through Nazis and then just sort of leaping at them and sucking their blood for health regen. It was a simple but effective concept with some really fun combat and some light environmental puzzle elements and was actually one of the first games post Max Payne to incorporate that style of bullet time slow down into the action which is pretty cool. Now we know some people prefer some of the sequels blood rain – especially but the original debut title holds a special place in our hearts which is why we’re including it.

    Dark Watch

    Dark Watch is interesting right out of the gate because it’s the only first-person shooter on this list. Which is a surprising rare onium for games with vampires in them. It turns out dark watch has you playing as Jericho cross a wanted outlaw Civil War deserter and a member of a vampire hunting guild called- the dark watch. But is slowly turning into a vampire himself after an encounter with a vampire Lord. The game -some cool stuff with Jericho struggling with his humanity over the course of the game but the really cool stuff is in the gameplay it played incredibly well with tight responsive controls and pretty solid level design with a decent amount of variation. You also were able to unlock new powers and abilities based on the players choices and the reputation system the game was also solid with multiplayer at least on Xbox where there was a 16player online competitive multiplayer as well as a two-player co-op mode. It was pretty well-rounded and even looked damn good at the time but unfortunately it just kind of fell by the wayside in a crowded space and never got any other releases which is a damn shame because the game really is surprisingly good.

    Infamous – Festival of Blood

    Infamous – Festival of Blood this is a stand-alone what if infamous story where coal becomes a vampire and has to defeat the vampire that turned him by dawn. In order to return back to normal, it was actually a pretty fun game. It was still infamous -but it was all vampire DUP for example instead of wielding Cole’s amp you ‘reusing some cross wooden stake type thing. You can also run around and suck the blood out of civilians without really worrying about what it does to your karma. It’s a game about being a vampire and you got to eat makes sense you had some new powers – like turning into a flock of bats and flying around the city. This came out a few days before Halloween actually in 2011 and it was a cool little what-if story to enjoy around the holiday. It was a little goofy but you got to play his vampire Cole McGrath so honestly who really cares.

    Skyrim- Dawn Guard

    Skyrim Dawn Guard which technically isn’t stand-alone game but it’s instead an expansion for Skyrim. But it’s so cool we had to include it here the coolest thing about Downgrade the options that come with it. You can play as a member of the dawn guard a group who has dedicated their life to hunting and killing vampires or you can join the clan of vampires that they’re hunting each group has their own benefits to joining but the vampire clan probably has the coolest perk. If you decide to become one of them you get a whole new skill tree. You can turn into a vampire Lord which is a monstrous bat looking creature. Dawn guard also had a pretty cool story with the main baddie planning on using an elder scroll to block out the Sun and I don’t have to explain how bad that is for humans and how good that is for vampires. But you know it was cool vampires have always been an important part of the Elder Scrolls series and was really nice to get a main quest line that was all about vampires.

    Castle Vania

    Castle Vania we got to give the whole series some love as members of the Belmont clan in most instances. It’s your sworn job to slay Count Dracula and other evil creatures and face down against Count Dracula. You very much do in many of the games. It’s a legendary series for a reason from its humble beginnings to Symphony of the Night. Most recently it’s worth mentioning the Lords of shadows games spoiler alert for games that are now quite a few years old. You are the vampire this game serve as a setup for Jack Allah Himself and while it’s a big reveal for Lords of shadows. It’s a main thing of lords of shadow too when you’re full of vampire. The first game is definitely a little bit stronger classic Castle Vania is somewhat shaken up with bigger battles and sequences like the early God of War games and then the lords of Shadow 2. You get some pretty cool vampire abilities at the very least still we think most of the Castle Vania games are worthy of some love.


    Vampire is awesome and is one of the more unique vampire games on this list. This vampire combats short you suck blood but it’s not the strongest element of the game. The focus here is on story and dialogue and the choices you make in a plague written London. You’re a doctor who is also unfortunately a vampire you have the doctor’s oath of saving lives but you’re still a vampire. They need blood or they go hungry so the question goes down who do you kill and who do you save. Do you want more vampire powers or good guy points how much you embrace the creature inside you is the fun of the very mood and dialogue heavy game? There are tons of characters in beautifully broken-down environments filled with side quests and hidden alleyways to suck on unsuspecting people’s blood. If you’re willing to lure someone into the dark dr. Jonathan Reed is an interesting main character and is one of don’t Entertainment strongest and most underrated games. For sure it ‘son pretty much every platform.

    Van Helsing

    The incredible adventures of Van Helsing are a diablo style top-down action RPG. So, if you like vampires and you like diablo style games you’re all set just like diablo you will be taking on hordes of enemies as van Helsing or rather the son of Abraham. Van Helsing seeing that this game follows a novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. It’s not in the same universe as the book but instead takes place in a more messed up gothic version of 19th century Europe. But don’t worry the son of Abraham Van Helsing is more along the lines of Gabriel Van Helsing from a Hugh Jackman movie. So, you know he’s awesome I think the coolest thing about this game is that it’s kind of branches off of the og Dracula novel and its really good book so this is cool.

    Soul Reaver

    The Soul Reaver games which are part of the Legacy of Kain series. if you’re unfamiliar with the series you play as Raziel a vampire who was killed by Kane and later resurrected as a wraith by an elder god. So, he can kill Kane Soul Reaver. Some really good vampire drama Cain kills Raziel after seeing his newly grown wings which I guess Cain saw is Ross dale being above him. He transformed beyond Cain so out of jealousy he rips them off and stalks us him into the lake of the Dead. Thankfully a good video game adventure ensues the narrative in these games are all honestly. They were released and they were all mostly pretty big games Soul Reaver was so big that it was actually split into two which is why we got a sequel. According to the game’s director Amy Hennig they had actually over designed the game. These games go beyond just vampires and expand into some really otherworldly fantastically 90s world building stuff.

    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines

    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is one of those games that just sticks out in your mind as a great game. The presence of vampire is completely aside especially if you’re a fan of good PC action RPGs. The game kicks off by just letting you create your own vampire and then having you choose a vampire clan. Which in turn alters the experience based on that choice which is really cool especially if you’re big into game variants and replay ability from there. You’re just out in this vampire infested version of Los Angeles looking for quests and other vampires and in doing so building up experience and upgrading your character to better suit. Your play style it was also really cool because it had both third and first-person perspectives based on the context of the scene. If you were exploring or in melee-based combat, you’re in third person but the second you switched over to a firearm and went into first person it was a pretty interesting way to add some variation and keep everything fresh and exciting. If you ask me vampire the masquerade bloodlines just a really great all-around package combining fun and engaging combat deep RPG mechanics and a really cool modern at the time vampire story. There’s a reason it’s still talked about to this it was just that damn good and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this game is one of the best vampire games. But it goes so far as to call it one of the most essential PC games of the last 20 years.

    Legacy of Kain

    We have the blood homing games just like Soul Reaver this is part of the legacy of Kain series. But we thought the Blood Holman and Soul Reave rare both pretty different. So, we wanted to acknowledge them separately blood omen takes place before Soul Reaver and helped to build out the series. Big Daddy Kane the first game is where you get to see how Cain went from shitty nobleman to a shitty vampire. First time the first game was pretty dark and adult-oriented which was really cool. In this game that Nos goth and its surrounding lore was introduced and with pretty insane detail for a video game world then we have blood omen 2 that actually came out after Soul Reaver 1 & 2 and here you were back to playing as Cain and it’s technically after Soul Reaver 2 but also not really but instead takes place in an alternate timeline that’s created by the advance of Soul Reaver 2. This one isn’t as good as the previous 3 games but it’s still a blast to play and the industrial city. It took place in was a cool setting change since blood omen and Soul Reave always took place in a more dark and gothic setting. The Legacy of Kain series was so damn cool when it was still a thing there was supposed to be a new entry titled dead Sun but that was cancelled a few years back unfortunately.

    So, these are some of the best vampire video games but we want to hear from you. So, meet us down in the comments and let us know what you think. Are there any games on this list that we may have missed what some of your favorites?

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