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8 Easy Rules of Creating Irresistible Email Copy Any Time

    8 Easy Rules of Creating Irresistible Email Copy Any Time

    Creating Irresistible Email To Who Are You Think You’re Talking To


    Creating Irresistible Email before you start writing your email, you need to identify your audience. This is the key to email marketing success.


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    These are the questions you should ask yourself:


    • What are your prospects/customers looking for?
    • What frustrates prospects/customers the most?
    • Is there anyone selling similar products to yours?
    • Why should prospects/customers believe in you?
    • Why should prospects/customers respond directly to you, instead of another person?


    What appeals are your target market most likely to respond to?


    Step 2 – A Great Object Is Your Object


    Creating Irresistible Email recipients must open an email before it can produce results. What can you do to get them interested and revved up their “motor”


    The key is your SUBJECT LIST

    You can choose from four different email formulas to guide you in creating your email. Each one has a unique PSYCHOLOGICAL APPEAL that works magic on consumers. Here are some examples.

    • Provide a powerful benefit: “Empowerism Satisfies your Need for Leads”
    • Pique your curiosity – Empowerism has Uncovered the Secrets to Success
    • Add a new angle to your subject line – Empowerism launches RSVP for those who want to double their money fast!
    • Offer immediate gratitude – “With Empowerism RSVP you can get the money wheels turning before it goes down tonight.”


    Here’s a “homework assignment” that you should complete: Write at least 25 SUBJECT LISTS before you choose which one to use. Test the two best ones against each other in your next marketing campaign. Save the “losers” for later use or save them.


    Step 3 – What’s In It for Them!


    Creating Irresistible Email every benefit that your product offers. Are you unsure what the differences are between benefits and features? The product features are what you see; the benefits are the outcomes of using it. Features appeal to logic…logic is better than emotion…emotion drives sales (see below).

    For benefits, here’s a general rule: Ask yourself “What can my product/service do for my customer?” Next, write your letter telling your readers WHAT IT IS FOR THEM. Let them know how better their lives will be after they purchase from you. You’ll make them feel so much better. Tell them how your peers will be more respectful of you.


    Step 4 – An Emotional Appeal


    Remember that people buy based on emotion, and then logic. Before you even write one word, think about what emotions you must push to “jumpstart” your prospect.

    Are you selling health supplements? You can sell bumper stickers for political campaigns by clicking the “fear” button. Click the “anger button” with the following: “Let the President Know What Your Thoughts Are About His Policies.”


    Step #5: A Name You Trust


    You must convince people that your offer is credible and that your product will deliver what you promised.

    How can you achieve this? These are three ways to build trust with your readers in your sales letter.


    • Submit testimonials.
    • Use endorsement letters from industry leaders to support your business.
    • Be sincere in your promises and offers.


    Step 6 – A Guarantee

    Selling without a guarantee is no longer a viable option. It is essential to have one. Your response will be more positive if you have a stronger guarantee. Believe it or not, most people won’t ask for a refund. However, they will trust your offer if you stand behind it.

    You can offer a 24-hour or 30-day period, 60-day, 90 days, or full-year. Here’s an interesting fact. The longer you wait, the fewer returns you will get. Procrastination is a natural human trait. The longer someone waits to get a refund, either to delay it or to forget about it altogether,


    Step #7 – Do Not Forget to Ask

    It happens all the time. It happens all the time.


    • Statistics from the Research Department: To close significant sales, you must ask for the order at minimum three times. Some studies have put this number at seven!


    Offer your prospects multiple options to place an order. Consumers love variety. This tells them that you are talking to me directly and meet my needs. If you only offer one method of ordering, be clear about how easy it is. Tell us what you want and we will send you the order form. Ask again.


    Step #8 – The Eyes Have It


    It’s a well-known truth: large blocks of copy can be intimidating. This will often cause people to run for the hills, or at the very least, the Delete button.

    What’s the solution? Divide paragraphs into between two and four sentences. You can use several subheadings in your email correspondence. To give your email more rhythm, you can use asterisks (…), dashes (…), and ellipses (…) Bullet points make excellent eye-catchers. Use them when appropriate.

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