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7 Most Skin Care Hacks That Guys Don’t Know

    Skincare is no different you see boys. I mean what we’re guys after all we don’t want to be overly worried about her skin and pampering it every day spending hours in front of the mirror. We want to do is know what works and what to do to just look sexy I feel you. That’s why I love hacks like it you should call me the king of hacks because today I’m doing this time when it comes to your skin today. I’m going to show you seven skin care hacks that most guys don’t know and you should definitely try it.

    Long Hair

    If you have anything from medium to long hair you want to sleep with the beanie or an old t-shirt or somehow be able to tie your hair back and out of your face. Because if you have medium to long hair which I guess mine would be considered that when you sleep on a pillow that hair balls on your face. Same hair is also packed with a bunch of hair products that is packed with chemicals with oils with dirt with bacteria. Which wet from the day and all that is going around your forehead and in your face that can clog your pores and cause some serious acne breakouts. So, if you’ve been noticing this especially around your hairline and you have medium to long hair try this hack. Hopefully you like it.

    Wipe Down Your Phone And Glasses With Alcohol

    Every night grabs a Clorox wipe or an alcohol wipe and wipe down your phone and your glasses. These two items are also always on your face. Which can cause some serious breakouts and clog your pores. So always clean them off to make sure your face tastes nice and clear.

    Apply Heat To Your Skin

    Something most guys don’t know yet but all girls do is. You want to apply heat to your skin to increase the absorption of any product that you use. See if you use any sort of serum or moisturizer or any sort of acne product and you want to increase its effectiveness the perfect time to do it. Now when your pores are wide open because it’s going to increase the absorption. It has into the skin personally ever since I started using this rejuvenating facial. It’s been the easiest way to go. I do is use the one across my skin and it allowed like heat to open up my pores and then apply my serum or my moisturizer for the night and allow it to really absorb it to my skin and make sure that my skin is hydrated and saw in the same method.

    Apply Coldness To Your Face

    You want to apply coldness to your face just like hot temperatures on your skin have certain benefits cold temperatures on your skin also have different benefits. This for example redness irritation it shrinks your pores and even reduces any puffiness that you might have on your face. This is why spas like to put cucumbers on your eyes to reduce any swelling well using the same wand I can easily just put it on cool mode and get the same effect and especially if I had a long night, I didn’t have enough rest. I apply the coolness all over my skin to tighten up my skin reduce the puffiness and close off the pores. This not only makes my skin look rejuvenated but it also closes up my pores to prevents them from getting dirty and leaning to acne. Now this one it’s a secret most girls already know and most guys don’t but I’m here to spill the beans because it’s amazing for having perfect skins. This same one on top of having that hot and cold feature that you can use for two different tasks.

    Change Your Pillowcases At Least Once A Week

    The simple hack you can do to have better skin change your pillowcases at least once a week. Remember how I said your hair is filled with all that unpleasant stuff like hair product dirt sweat bacteria body oil well all those fluids transfer on to your pillow. And then on top of what you’re sweating on through the night. You’re rolling all over that pillow sheet and you keep doing that every single night. Now most guys I’d be surprised if they changed your pillowcases once a month or once every two months that’s this custom all that dirt is just festering and when you lie your face on it. You’re just asking for an acne breakup so make sure that at least once a week. You’re always changing your pillowcases. So your face has something fresh to lie on.

    Lemon And Sugar Hack

    This is a lemon and sugar hack you can make your own at to exfoliate or write a home without having to pay anything. Now before you do this anytime you apply anything to your skin. Make sure you’re not allergic to lemon or sugar but it’s simple you see lemon is a natural antiseptic which makes it perfect for removing dirt and bacteria from your pores. So all you want to do is cut a lemon in half grab some sugar and sprinkle it on half of the lemon and then use that half a lemon and scrub it all over your face. As an exfoliator then all you do is wash away with cool water and you’ll instantly feel how soft and clean your skin feels.

    Do Some Yoga

    Do Some Yoga simple yoga techniques like practicing the downward dog. A few minutes a day can have tons of benefits for your skin. You see since your heart is over your head in this position it’s going to boost blood circulation throughout your body. Which all helps flush out all those toxins that you don’t want near your face. It also has other benefits like regulating blood pressure.

    I hope you like it if you did don’t forget to comments us below. These are 7 skin hacks that you can start doing right now.

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