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6 Tips Chest And Tricep Workout Routines

    6 Tips Chest And Tricep Workout Routines

    Want a chest and tricep workout that will give you a show? This article was written primarily for you if you wish to have a lean, powerful chest that adds an impressive punch line to your biceps. In addition to developing a rock-hard chest, m will also add in tricep as well, thereby making your arms look even more bust out of a t-shirt. Let’s face it; you want your chest and tricep workout to pack some serious power into your upper body.


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    There are several upper chest and tricep workout exercises that you can do. Some of the best exercises to target these muscle groups are push-ups and pull-ups. In both of these exercises, your hands will be forced into various uncomfortable positions while working for the muscle groups. But when you do push-ups, you will be using your body weight to support the weight as you raise it over your head.



    A standard chest and tricep workout will consist of three sets of 12 reps. The first set should be done on an empty barbell bench press. As you are bending over, your palms should be facing away from you. This ensures that your shoulders do not have to dip down to pick up the weight. Make sure that you perform the first set slowly and steadily to avoid a possible biceps strain.



    The next exercise in your chest and tricep workout would be a pull-up. Again, you would recommend that you use heavy dumbbells or a pair of dumbbells. Start by holding the dumbbells at shoulder level. Then make an explosive move and lower the weight to your chest in a slow controlled movement. Your body should never stop moving during the lower portion of the rep.

    Barbell Presses


    Now, for your chest and tricep workout, you need to do some heavy squats. While keeping your feet and shoulders apart, pull up with your legs under your arms. Your knees should be bent, and you should be leaning slightly forward. Your elbows should be pointed outwards so that you can get a good stretch while maintaining your torso. Ensure that you keep your shoulders back and do not cheat by dipping your chest towards the ground.

    Clean and Jerks


    One of the best chest and tricep exercises that you can do would be a clean and jerk. You can do this by lying flat on your back and then raising yourself by lowering yourself slowly and efficiently. Keep your elbows high and try to pull yourself up until your arms are at your sides. After that, lower slowly and repeat as many times as possible.

    Leg Raises and Hip Hinges


    Leg raises are a must-do for any serious muscle builder. You need to lie flat on your back and then raise your legs as high as possible. Slowly raise your legs towards your chest and then bend your knees as much as you can. As you tighten your core and lower your legs, bend your waist until your chest is touching your toes, and you feel a muscular contraction in the muscles of your lower back. Slowly return your legs to the original position and do as many reps as you can without taking your breath away.

    Tricep Push-Ups and Dips


    A chest and tricep workout must also include the core and back muscles. Dumbbell push-ups and dumbbell dips are perfect for building up these muscles. Dumbbells can be placed on the floor under your chest, and you need to perform push-ups while holding them out beside you. Try to keep your upper body aligned as you perform the exercise. Try not to bend your knees. After performing ten push-ups or as many as possible, do a set of ten side chest dips, followed by fifteen chest dips and one arm dumbbell flies.


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